Lifesaving travel essentials that we all need

With substantial progress in the field of technology, more and more gadgets are becoming available to make life easier and more comfortable. The world of travel is no exception when the talking point is gadgets. When you are travelling, gadgets can make a huge difference between a bummer and an experience of a lifetime. 

Here are some of the greatest gizmos to consider before you plan your next trip.


goTenna Mesh 


Have you ever been lost while travelling with no signal on your phone? This candy-bar size device lets you stay connected even when you are off-grid. You can share real-time locations and send private or group messages to other goTenna Mesh users up to 4 miles in range. You can also use the free goTenna app for detailed offline maps for any region across the world. It is weatherproof and has a battery power of 24 hours. What are you waiting for? Buy your set soon!


Wacaco Minipresso


Now, you can enjoy your daily shots of coffee while away from home with this compact, lightweight and powerful coffee maker. This handheld espresso machine gives you ground, measured and taped coffee instantly. Just add the capsule, pour hot water, unlock the piston and get your coffee fix anywhere anytime. Go grab your minipresso and feel delighted with a quality similar to that of a traditional machine. 


LuminAID Packlite Max phone charger


This super cool solar lantern and phone charger is perfect for backcountry adventures and campsites. With adjustable straps, you may easily hang it on trees or tents to get bright LED light for up to 50 hours. This waterproof and floatable handy gadget measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches when inflated and becomes 1 inch tall when packed. Get illuminated by purchasing this one!


HooToo wireless travel router


This is a must-have travel gadget if you are a true technophile. With an Ethernet port for laptops, multiple USB ports and charging ports, it enables connectivity anywhere. Apart from providing a better internet connection, it is a portable battery, endless media streamer and a means to copy files to and from mobiles Don’t be afraid to invest in it!


JOTO universal waterproof case


Last year, I went to some beaches near Phuket and saw everyone walking with a lightweight waterproof pouch case around their neck. My online research led me to this JOTO universal waterproof case and I figured it was worth trying. It can store any device which is six inches tall and can also be used to keep money and cards. It’s a simple snap and lock closure enables easy access and transparent front side allows to use the touchscreen of phones even when inside. It offers protection against water as well as snow and dirt. Pick one up now and take it wherever there is a chance of getting wet whether you are going for swimming, fishing, boating, snorkelling or water rides. 

Do you own any of these gadgets? What is your can’t-travel-without essential? Share with us in the comments below!


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