In December 2018, when I interviewed Georgia Caney, my last question to her was- what’s next for you. She told me that she was working on an eBook about living in Singapore. We all set up milestones and create To-Dos for ourselves, especially around the new year. We all like to dream big but few of us go the extra mile and accomplish those goals.

Despite being an influencer who is active on YouTube and Instagram all the time, Georgia managed to not only conceptualize but write, edit, design and publish her eBook called The ‘S’ Word within six months of the interview! The book also has many original photographs- all curated by Georgia herself.

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This time we get together to chat about her book and other things that have changed since we last spoke.

This time we get together to chat about her book and other things that have changed since we last spoke.

Last time when I met Georgia, she had some 13.5 K followers and today she is on her way to 20K whereas she had 66K subscribers on YouTube back then and today her YouTube fam is at 77.5 K! With media features becoming a common thing and her online following increasing at a steady pace, Georgia is definitely an established social media personality in Singapore. However, she remains the sweet, humble and grounded person that I met last year.

I ask her how she feels about all this success in such a  short span of time. “I am slowly getting there,” she smiles humbly.

The ‘S’ Word: the ultimate guide to the seen and unseen sights of Singapore

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I shoot the obvious question that comes to mind. Why an eBook? 

Georgia shares that her inbox is flooded daily with all kinds of questions about Singapore, from relocating and cultural differences, to her recommendations for the best spots in the city. For that reason, she decided to put a comprehensive guide together to combine all of the information and knowledge that she gained over the past few years whilst living in the Lion City.

I am curious about who is this book for. Georgia tells me that she has tried her best to make this book useful for many different categories of readers. From Singapore expats or expats-to-be that are moving to Singapore to local Singaporeans- The ‘S’ Word is for anyone who needs information about things like cost of living, relocation, new customs, culture shocks and general advice for living here. Even travellers who wish to explore the city can learn about hangouts, cafes, nature trails and neighbourhoods that the typical tourist wouldn’t necessarily know about.

Having read the book myself and being an expat in Singapore, I for one totally vouch for The ‘S’ Word. In fact, when I moved here two years ago, Georgia’s vlogs were the only source of legit information I had access to. So, for me trusting the book was quite natural and I was not disappointed at all!

The highs and lows of being a digital content creator

It is true that social media and the internet, in general, have created unlimited avenues and opportunities for creative people. But as they say, there are always two sides to a coin. Today, there is no dearth of random videos popping up on our feeds. Sometimes, I get baffled at below average (read poor) content going viral. With the internet, it is also difficult to track down the smart plagiarists who know how to fool Google and apparently the whole world (cough…Jay Shetty). 

Georgia is an avid digital content creator. With her YouTube videos, Instagram photographs and The ‘S’ Word, she is conquering all channels and mediums in the digital world. What is her take on all this, I ask.

She shares that it is actually sad but there is nothing much that can be done about it. Somewhere with the evolution of the digital platform, the tricks of the trade seem to have overpowered content. But Georgia believes in the power of content and creative satisfaction in the long run. She explains that it is actually up to the creators to choose to be authentic and create original content.

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“I would rather be myself and generate good content,” says Georgia Caney.

Focusing on the bright side

I ask her about how she deals with trolls and cyberbullies. She says that it is important to have a thick skin and not react to everyone plus there’s always the mute and block option! She shares that when she was new to this, these things used to affect her sometimes but now she understands that these people are coming from a  place of hurt. 

“The trick is to stay positive and focus on the bright side,” shares Georgia. “There are more happy followers than trolls and the key is to focus on the love and affection,” she adds.

In fact, Georgia’s eBook The ‘S’ Word is also for her social media fam- the Singaporean readers who already have local knowledge. Through this book, they will have access to her favourite spots in the Lion City- from eateries and crowdsourced Hawker recommendations, to her honest perspective and feelings about living as a foreigner in Singapore. This book is a thank you to those thousands of people who have been her ardent YouTube viewers and the growing IG clan.

So, local or foreigner, expat or tourist- if you are interested to learn about Singapore, get your copy of The ‘S’ Word by Georgia Caney today! Follow her on Instagram for amazing scenes of Singapore.

By Surabhi Pandey

Surabhi Pandey, a former Delhi Doordarshan presenter, is a journalist currently based in Singapore. She is the author of ‘Nascent Wings’ and ‘Saturated Agitation’ and has contributed to over 15 anthologies in English and Hindi in India and Singapore. She writes on topics related to lifestyle and travel and is an active reporter on the tech startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. She is the editor and founder of The Vent Machine.

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