Is your work-life​​ killing your back?

Here are some simple solutions to relieve your lower back pain Have you ever noticed that golfers stick their leg backwards while retrieving a ball from the hole? While it helps them with their stance, […]


Here’s How These Books Helped Me Combat Mental Health Issues

In today’s digital era, we are living fast-paced lives where most of our choices are “influenced” by social media and everything is instant. Trends that go viral today become irrelevant the next day. From fashion […]


Plastic pollution: A global crisis

It has come down to the planet or plastic: the choice is ours Not a day goes by when my social media feed isn’t flooded with articles highlighting the pollution that plastic is causing all […]


Lifesaving travel essentials that we all need

With substantial progress in the field of technology, more and more gadgets are becoming available to make life easier and more comfortable. The world of travel is no exception when the talking point is gadgets. […]

Life In SG

Singapore-based influencer Georgia Caney opens up about her eBook The ‘S’ Word and more

Georgia shares that her inbox is flooded daily with all kinds of questions about Singapore, from relocating and cultural differences, to her recommendations for the best spots in the city. For that reason, she decided to put a comprehensive guide together to combine all of the information and knowledge that she gained over the past few years whilst living in the Lion City. […]


You need to read this Punjabi-Singaporean’s books if you haven’t already

Balli Kaur Jaswal is a reputed author who has penned four stand-alone books. Her third book, “Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows” that was published by Harper Collins caught the masses eyes and became a worldwide […]


It’s Time To Put A Stop To Greenwashing

We are living in a day and age where everyone around us is talking about sustainability, clean living and green initiatives. Today, it is woke to love the environment. Our social media feeds are flooded […]