Co-founder of Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions Amy Ngo opens up on entrepreneurship, the haircare industry in SG and more

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Finding light in the darkness is a mom’s superpower

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If you browse through Kavita's Facebook profile, you will find very few pictures of herself. There is an old pic of her kids set as the profile image and some motivational quotes in her gallery. These are not just some famous quotations that Kavita likes but these actually constitute her entire belief system and philosophy. ... Continue Reading →

Sumona Chetia Takes Over Wednesdays on TVM

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#theventmachine feels proud to announce that Sumona Chetia has joined the team. Read her insightful pieces every Wednesday at #guestblogger #tvmtheblog #collaboration

All Hail The Goddess

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Pandals (tents) and processions, pandits (priests) and devotees are thronging up and down on the streets of Begusarai – a small district in the state of Bihar in India. This is the month of October – the month of worshiping Goddess Durga – the month of victory over evil. Or, is it? I am sitting near... Continue Reading →

This Actor is Reaching Out To Masses Through His YouTube Channel

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Sometimes you can do everything right and the video might not get that much attention, and sometimes it works when you least expect it to. He says the true key is to remain consistent and keep trying. There is no fixed formula for going viral!

This Delhite Who Belongs to Uttarakhand is Keeping Bihar’s Traditional Art Alive

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Meet 24-year-old Jaya Dourbi, a Delhite from Uttarakhand who is keeping Bihar's traditional art form - the Madhubani Painting alive. 

घर से घर तक

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पच्चीस दिन बीत गए | सिंगापुर से दिल्ली, दिल्ली से छपरा, वहां से बेगूसराय, वहां से पटना और फिर दिल्ली - आज दिल्ली से सिंगापुर - ये बीता महीना काफ़ी इवेंटफ़ुल रहा | अपनों से मिली, उनके साथ वक़्त बिताया और नयी यादें बस्ते में बटोर कर ले जा रही | अपनी वेबसाइट के लिए... Continue Reading →

Chaos by Arunima Gururani

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Sometimes I feel trapped Like unsaid thoughts Chained to a body, Emotions that are meant to be screamed Are muffled and choked Under a thick blanket of society... I feel the world crumble Into pieces that don't fit And I feel myself become voiceless With every voice I hear and assist... I want to take... Continue Reading →

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