Walk the streets with Moomin x 7-Eleven limited edition eco-friendly bags in the latest Shop and Earn stamps programme

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7-Eleven is launching its new range of six limited-edition bags featuring Scandinavia’s wildly popular Moomin in an exciting new crossover Earn a stamp with every $5 spent at 7-Eleven; collect 3 stamps and top up $8.90 in cash to redeem a blind box of a trendy and utilitarian Moomin featured bag with 7-Eleven’s Shop and... Continue Reading →

Rekindle your love with Folklory this Valentine’s Day    

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Have you ever wished you could bottle up a single, unforgettable moment? Perhaps the day you first realised you were in love or any of the many happy moments with a loved one. It is true that our memories shape who we are, but they are also fragile; even vivid recollections of significant life events... Continue Reading →

Here’s why swimming is great for babies

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Swimming can be a great activity for babies as it provides numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. It can help with their early development, improve their water safety, provide health benefits, stimulate their senses, and provide a form of exercise that is low-impact and gentle on their joints. Additionally, swimming can also be a fun... Continue Reading →

What to do in Singapore during the weekends

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Weekends are a time to unwind, relax, and try new things. And there is no better place to do so than in Singapore, the bustling city-state. Singapore, known for its vibrant culture, delicious street food, and breathtaking natural beauty, has something for everyone. There's always something new and exciting to discover in this vibrant metropolis,... Continue Reading →

TheUpsideSpace is bringing South Asian art to the metaverse with a perfect fusion of tech with tradition

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This platform’s mission is to refresh and modernise vital components of the art world, using Web3 technology to make artistic expressions accessible to a global audience TheUpsideSpace – a curator-led NFT marketplace spotlighting art and artists from Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East – officially launched on 8th December 2022. Set to reimagine a... Continue Reading →

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with Janice Wong Lunar Year

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Award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong offers her Lunar New Year 2023 collection, which celebrates the Year of the Rabbit by reinterpreting customary holiday treats with her creative gourmet flair. Discover vivid and visually appealing gourmet delicacies such as Chinese New Year Cakes, Assorted Cookies, Bon bons and delicious hamper bundles, all set for the season. The Rabbit, a Chinese symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity, finds shape in Janice Wong's... Continue Reading →

Discover the New Burgerrific Flavors at 7-Eleven, available every day of the week!

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7-Eleven is launching five brand-new 7-Select grab-and-go burgers to give customers a-BUN-dant choice and great value 24/7!  With tasty and innovative fillings that will be sure to delight your tastebuds, these aren’t just your average burgers!!  Choose from a new breakfast burger, a Japanese-inspired burger, an Xtra spicy burger for spicy food lovers and two brand-new seafood... Continue Reading →

We talk food, memories and more with Benjamin Goh- Fourth-Generation of the iconic Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

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Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice- the brand, known among Singaporeans for its authentic scissors-cut curry rice, opened its very first standalone mall outlet at VivoCity, Harbourfront last month. The family-run Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice was once a simple food cart located at Clyde Terrace Market "" that provided local labourers with affordable... Continue Reading →

Try the all-New Häagen-Dazs Twist & Crunch for an extraordinary twist

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The line includes two daring new flavour combinations for the ideal multi-sensory indulgence moment to give it a whole new spin! With the brand-new Häagen-Dazs Twist & Crunch, explore a whole new universe of twists. The Twist & Crunch line, which had a great debut the previous year, is back with two daring and intriguing... Continue Reading →

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