Goodbyes Are A Tradition Now

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I used to feel sad and emotional about goodbyes. Going from my In-Laws' to my Mom's, from my Husband's to my Father's or from my Brother's to my Grandparents' - every single goodbye is equally painful. Oxymoronically, it comes wrapped with a teeny tiny joy of seeing the next person, being in the next home... Continue Reading →

The Social House Gave Wings To The Artist Inside Me

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I went to Delhi in the year 2008 in the search of what I thought would be my career one day. The city gave me more than that - it helped me find what and who I am. I had always been good at writing and oratory but only Delhi told me that I could... Continue Reading →

माँ कहती है

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जब हम छोटे थे मम्मी एक बात हमेशा कहती थी कि कोई भी तालीम कभी ज़ाया नहीं जाती | वो कहती थी कि जहाँ जो ज्ञान मिल रहा है - किताबी या बहार से - उसको सीरियसली लो; कब कौन सा ज्ञान कहाँ काम आएगा किसे पता | मैं बचपन से ख़ुराफ़ाती हूँ | सिर्फ़... Continue Reading →

खिलौने और बचपन

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अक्सर घरों में बच्चों के लिए ढेर सारे सॉफ्ट टॉयज़ लाये जाते हैं | ये एक आम बात है | हमारे घर में भी काफी सारे सॉफ्ट टॉयज़ हैं लेकिन हमारे सन्दर्भ में इस बात के पीछे एक खासियत है और वो यह कि ये टॉयज़ किसी बच्चे के लिए नहीं बल्कि मेरी माँ के... Continue Reading →

Certificates for #getpublished June Edition

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#theventmachine feels proud to have such awesome writers on board... Many Congratulations to all winners once again... As promised, presenting your certificates today... Keep writing and All the best! 💥SURPRISE💥 Check out the website tomorrow morning to find out what I loved the most about your write ups!


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It's a bright sunny morning in Pondicherry. My body seems like a total wreck from the hectic itinerary coupled with the unbearable heat of South India. But being a lover of the sea, I can never say no to beaches.

Lucinda Law Lives Her Work, Literally

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I have had the opportunity of meeting with and interviewing a lot of artists from the island of Singapore. They are all extremely inspiring and generally leave me in awe with their passion and perseverance. There are some who are extraordinary - more than just professionals. Lucinda Law is one such artist. If you google her, you... Continue Reading →

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