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The Social House Gave Wings To The Artist Inside Me

I went to Delhi in the year 2008 in the search of what I thought would be my career one day. The city gave me more than that – it helped me find what and who I am. I had always been good at writing and oratory but only Delhi told me that I could make a career out of these skills.

Today I am a published author and have worked in the capacity of TV presenter with the likes of DD India, DD News and DD National. I am two books and fifteen anthologies old and I have hosted a number of shows. Delhi gave me all this and made me into whatever small or big I am today.

A year ago, life happened and I decided to move to Singapore for the sake of other priorities. I am still working as a Freelance Journalist with companies in India and Singapore but boy, do I miss the mic!? I visit Delhi often. It calls me. In January this year, I was summoned for the World Book Fair. This month when I planned a trip, I had a series of interviews for my website in the pipeline and I was extremely excited about them. However, I wanted a “mic thing” to happen. I wanted a space for the limelight hogger within.

I had not one but many options- what with the #openmicculture trending in India. However, I did not want a mediocre space, I wanted something big. Luck waved its magic wand and I got a spot at The Social House – one of the fastest growing artist platforms in India. This Delhi-based art space is hardly eight months old but they are already silver in colour on YouTube! They are an established brand today.

I have known the team behind #TSH for over a decade now (well, at least the Man behind TSH). Mr. Ravie Solanky aka Kahaaniwala (Click Here!) has been my teacher, friend, guide and inspiration for over 10 years. It was great meeting with him and entering the space that I had seen going viral on social media with amazing artists on the foreground.

When I sat in the studio and the session of “Poetry, Storytelling aur Chai” began, it was like I entered a different world. I got completely submerged in the talented recitations of amazing artists. Some had come from Benaras, some from Pune and some were local writers. The best part was Kahaaniwala’s intent on-the-spot feedback to all performers.

My turn came and I confidently sat on the “Hot Seat”. I was a special performer as I had come all the way from Singapore plus I was the one with relevant experience. Nervousness is good. Despite a million times of facing the camera and taking up the stage, the butterflies still show up in the stomach. When I sat, I took a few moments to let it sink in. All eyes on me, a video camera smiling at me through its lens and the lights making my face shine – this moment was perfect. This is what I craved for the most when I was away.

I let the artist within take over and unleashed her. The best thing about The Social House is that within 3-4 hours, they make you feel that you are a part of a special community. As I recited my poems and verses, the audience applauded, feeding the artist within to do even better!

The best part was yet to come. TSH has a cute tradition of distributing chits to everyone. People write anecdotes for performers and these feedback chits are given to all artists in the end. To take away something so tangible from a day so beautiful is a neat bow on the top. It was epic.

I have decided to interview Mr. Ravie Solanky about his awesome creative journey of ten years. There is so much more to this inspiring man and I am sure you people will love to find out. I promise to come out with a detailed feature very soon!


  1. Interesting.
    Now I am curious for ur upcoming interview of Mr. Ravie Solanki.
    Waiting for more interesting stories of u.

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