Things I won’t be doing in 2020: Lessons learnt as a freelancer in Singapore

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With the advent of internet, digital nomadism has become a way of life, making freelancing easier and more accessible. As of now, there are more than 1.7 million #freelancer posts on Instagram. Freelancing comes with many perks like flexible work hours, the freedom to choose from a list of clients and the ability to make... Continue Reading →

Five Instagram handles for all freelancing females

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The notion of liberating yourself from a 9-5 job, stepping away from the corporate environment and controlling your own professional narrative as a freelancer seems like a dream-come-true from the outside. Naturally, more and more people are drawn to the concept of freelancing. So much so that more than 57.3 million Americans were freelancers as... Continue Reading →

Gujarat: The birthplace of non-violence

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Located in the western region of India, Gujarat is surrounded by water on three sides and currently, around 52% of the land is classified as desert. As a result, the weather varies across the state, yet overall, when compared to other states, the weather is on the drier side. Gujarat is the home of the... Continue Reading →

Turning 30: The Big Three O And The Female Tribe

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When I decided to write this article, I swear the inspiration came from an honest place. I am turning 30 in a couple of months and I have had a series of epiphanies induced by the people around me and their invasive commentaries on my life choices in the past few months. But to my... Continue Reading →

What Thanksgiving means to a Singaporean

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Thanksgiving has not been a very big deal here but with increasing influences from pop culture and cultural exchanges, Singapore is starting to warm up to the festival. Generally, thanksgiving is a holiday associated with Pilgrims and Native Americans in the US. It is interesting to see the ways Singaporeans interpret Thanksgiving and celebrate the festival... Continue Reading →

‘Train Friends’ and ‘Dangling Gandhi’ launched at The Arts House

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I had a fascinating time last Sunday as I attended the book launch of two books with three amazing authors: Train Friends and Dangling Gandhi at The Arts House. Train Friends is a collection of reflections of the personal journeys of its authors, Nandini Patwardhan and Ranjani Rao while Dangling Gandhi is a collection of fictional stories woven... Continue Reading →

Double the joy at Faber Peak with Poland’s Bells of Happiness

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In celebration of 50 years of Polish-Singapore diplomatic relations reflecting the maritime traditions of the two nations, One Faber Group recently unveiled the newly renamed Poland’s Bells of Happiness after being presented with a second commemorative bell of the “Dar Mtodziezy” tall ship. The bells were unveiled in the presence of Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure,... Continue Reading →

Heather – A playwright’s version of redemption and the remote

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When we talk about theatres, plays and musicals in Singapore, most Singaporeans immediately think about all-known Broadway performances. From roaring parades of fanfare in Disney’s-themed musicals, such as The Lion King to rebellious shenanigans of kids in Roald Dahl’s Mathilda – just to name a few – Singaporean productions, especially those performed by local production... Continue Reading →

One evening, three authors, two books: A literary event to look forward to this Sunday

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If you are into books and have been hovering around the Arts House for the past week or so indulging in the Singapore Writer's Festival, here's another reason for you to be there this weekend. On Sunday, the 17th, at 5 pm, get a chance to meet three authors and attend the book launch of... Continue Reading →

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