A Rest From The Rat Race

Duniya me rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare” – This Bollywood song has been the idea of life for every average Indian, rather every person in this world. Take a look around and you will see hundreds of people hustling, rushing for their jobs and struggling to fulfil their dreams.

I, too, have been a part of this hustle and bustle for over five years now. This journey began in 2013 while I was still pursuing Mass Communication. Since then, work was all I could think of. It is usually said that it is better to work hard in your initial years and enjoy later. I, too, followed the crowd and worked incessantly.


In the rat race, I ended up missing many important moments with my family- from festivals to the birth of my nephews and nieces. But still, I thought I was happy as I loved my job and it gave me a certain level of satisfaction. So, I never thought of taking it easy or going on a long leave.

In my professional journey, I also got the chance to work with different organizations. However, the guilt of not giving enough time for myself and my family was always somewhere in the back of my mind. However, this year, I HAD to take a break from this ‘oh-so-hectic’ schedule of mine. Although this break was a consequence of my stressed-out personal life and ill health, it couldn’t have come at a much better time! It was a long overdue, much-needed break.


Undoubtedly, many are of the opinion that given the ongoing stressful personal life, getting back to work is quite essential for me. But little do they know, that this unexpected break helped me come a lot closer to myself. In this period, not only I was able to recover from my health issues, but it also served as a recovering period for my mind.

It was during this period that in a long time I got the chance to be with my family and enjoy the small happy moments, which are all that matter. Besides, I started giving myself a lot more time and discovered several hidden qualities that I always had in me but never realized. Wondering what it was? Well, all this while I considered myself to be way too considerate and never had the courage to reveal my true emotions irrespective of how to hurt I would be. But in this period I understood the importance of accepting my higher-self and of course self-love.


This wasn’t all. I enjoyed several sunsets on my terrace enjoying the beauty of nature just like I always wanted. Also, I discovered varied interests I had like cooking (which once I hated), painting, music and movies.

Certainly exploring myself has been a wonderful experience so far and I am sure there is more to come my way. After all, in a quest of knowing other people and even the world, we tend to forget to know ourselves and spend some #metime. In fact, most of us don’t even value the need of spending some time with their own self.

It isn’t like I won’t be getting back to professional life anytime soon but this time I won’t forget to spare some time for myself and my family. Trust me, friends, spending some time with yourself is the best time.

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