Why Indians, known for their warm hospitality, can sometimes be the worst tourists

Did you know that the world-famous Everest base camp on the Chinese side is now closed to tourists? This is not because of inclement weather but due to the huge amounts of trash left around […]


Here’s everything we know so far about Marvel’s first Asian-led movie

Shang-Chi and the legends of the ten rings Marvel Studios is no stranger when it comes to being in the attention of any pop-fanatic or movie-goer. It’s amazing to see how it has evolved, from […]


Read these modern-day​ poets now, if you haven’t yet

One of the most constant things about poetry is change. It evolves with time, and that is why it continues to remain relevant across centuries. When I was younger, I remember a phase when I […]


Poems that celebrate nature: Inspiration Chiang Mai

Some time ago I went to Chiang Mai, a natural haven in the mountainous parts of northern Thailand. I was there on a 10-day retreat in an exquisite, picturesque accommodation located on a hilltop. With […]


5 feminist poems we all need to read right now

In recent years women from all walks of life are reclaiming their voice from their oppressors. With campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp gathering momentum, times are changing—in a positive way—and poetry is one among many […]


How Clean Living Can Cut Down On Whale Deaths

When we talk about clean living, we “KonMari-fi” our bodies, homes and office spaces but what about the planet that we live on and happily abuse with nary a thought?  On one hand, Singapore along […]


These Beach Destinations In Thailand Offer More Than Just Sun, Sand And Sea

Thailand is known for its spectacular beaches, breathtaking topography and rich cultural heritage. From nature lovers to adrenaline junkies and honeymooners to peace seekers, Thailand has something for everyone. However, when someone says ‘beach holiday’, […]


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; revising the phenomenon of printing

I recently attended the opening ceremony of the curated exhibition called Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; revising the phenomenon of printing at The Private Museum. Guest-of-Honour, Mr Seng Yu Jin, Senior Curator of National Gallery Singapore, graced […]