Longing by Arunima

I’ve begun to learn what longing means. It’s not the post 2 am missing-

It’s the 8 am

Getting ready to work

And bam!

You long for them

As you shove cereal into your mouth Because you’re late.

Missing is when you stare

At their name on the phone

Knowing they’re probably

Texting that other girl.

Longing is when you don’t care

About your phone

Because no notification would

Bring you happiness

Besides theirs

Even though you’ve muted their chat For a year.

It’s a pit in your stomach

And you want to spill your guts out Because everything hurts,

Because it’s painful

Because you know the truth

That longing won’t bring him back. You may sleep with someone else

But long for the one you love.

And sex won’t be anything

But two bodies

Thinking about different souls. Longing-

That sick feeling

Of just holding onto them.

It isn’t the same as missing-

Missing is wanting to see them, Longing is knowing you probably won’t But your soul still aches for them.


  1. Why did this poem made me tear up a little bit? Ugh. So emotional.
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really love to connect with you. I am ragazza. 🙂

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