We’ll Be Okay, And Here’s How​

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Arunima Gururani When I look at the work I do, I can say I really like it. Some days are hard, like a struggle to get out of bed or the pain in my body because of the chaos in my mind. I guess the ones who go through a lot don’t want others to... Continue Reading →

Why We Need To Start Talking About Mental Health:​ Arunima Gururani

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This October, we're looking at mental health a little more seriously - after all, it's mental health awareness month. But imagine how much happier we'd be if we took out a little time every day to check our mental health? We'd be at peace and would definitely be a little happier. There is a lot... Continue Reading →

Why I decided to join the mental health awareness campaign on The Vent Machine?

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For someone who works in the development and communication sector, I have seen for so long how everything around us affects our mental health and not enough is talked about it. Whether we talk about caste, class, gender, sexuality, workplace dynamics, etc - it all affects our mental health. And it does the most especially... Continue Reading →

Moolah or Mind : A study on depression among IT professionals in India

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Feature by Sumona Chetia Wake up in the morning. Grab a cup of black coffee. Rush to the office. Grab another cup of black coffee. Stare into the computer screen for hours while ferociously typing back and forth. Drink the third cup of coffee (maybe this time, an Americano), and after working for continuous 8-9... Continue Reading →

Why I decided to be a part of mental health awareness campaign on The Vent Machine? – Sumona Chetia

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A year ago, I wasn't a positive person as I am now. I chose to identify myself with my failures rather than my success. I was cynical about the whole point of human existence. And that's when I realized that my brain needed rest. That realization opened a new door for me- the door of... Continue Reading →


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Standing tall areca palm trees amidst the never-ending stretch of tea gardens with the blue hills as a landscape or sometimes lush golden paddy fields-this is the cliché version of defining Assam. However, today's Assam boasts of the real heroes who are at present the talk of the world. In the past few months of this... Continue Reading →

This Photographer Captures Delhi At Its Best

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Street photography is one of my most favourite verticals and rightly so. It gives an insight into what a place is actually like. They say that a good picture is worth a thousand words and I couldn't agree more! I teamed up with one of my former students to bring to you some of the... Continue Reading →

50 Shades of Rahul Gandhi – Pinky Pandey

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Pappu for Netizens, Shehzada for BJP, a golden hen for coalitions and probably the only hope for Congress - Rahul Gandhi has been a figure of amalgamation in Indian politics. Most of his active years have seen him in the core of the country’s power struggles and mustered him a grey image in the eyes of Indian... Continue Reading →

Bright Lights, Blind Sight by Arunima

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Bright Lights, Blind Sight Pretty lights and empty bars Cigarettes and people in shiny cars. Pretentious happiness lurking outside While internally, we're drinking to die. Drowning in loud music Of pathetic cover songs. Asking for the bill But fuck that loud sound! I guess the music's too loud Because are voices are not - Maybe... Continue Reading →

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