Bright Lights, Blind Sight by Arunima

Bright Lights, Blind Sight
Pretty lights and empty bars
Cigarettes and people in shiny cars.
Pretentious happiness lurking outside

While internally, we're drinking to die.
Drowning in loud music
Of pathetic cover songs.

Asking for the bill
But fuck that loud sound!
I guess the music's too loud
Because are voices are not -

Maybe somewhere in a bar
There is a fight,
There is a woman
Who just wants to go home
Safely, tonight.

And we see it happen
We look away
Because ofcourse the music
Is too loud
And our conscience is dead.

There are many other worlds
Making a cocktail that's this high -
We're chilling out,
We're vibing
But look at the other side.

One big place
Big shiny lights
But most times
They shine too bright.
Blinding us to crime and disrespect

And deafening us as we drown in
Alcohol, music, smoke
And morning regret.


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