Cinderella Song by Arunima

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The bell rang and I woke up

To the sound of my alarm –

I’m back in my own bed

And the routine begins again.

I wish my life could pause

In moments when I’m happy,

In moments when my heart smiles

And during those days when I knew

That tomorrow will still be ours.

Look now,

I feel like Cinderella –

I had my ball,

I had everything

But it had to go away

Because the clock struck 12.

And I ran,

I ran without looking back

Knowing that maybe there will be

No more of this,

That maybe it was just a moment,

That I didn’t deserve any more

Because I’m not good enough.

Poor Cinderella, they’d say

Poor me too –

I got so close

Yet never close enough.

Time passed like it always does,

And I could see myself return

To who I am

(Which was never perfect, but that’s okay)

I wish I could pause or rewind –


Time can’t be stopped

Because that’s just how it is –

Distance, time, no forevers

And a twisted sense

Of a hungover happiness

That makes tears flow,

That makes the heart a little hollow.

I chased the lights,

I chased the road that led

To where I left my heart.

But time, oh time –

It’s gone now,

Over and out

And I’m left singing

This Cinderella song.

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