Why I decided to be a part of mental health awareness campaign on The Vent Machine? – Sumona Chetia


A year ago, I wasn’t a positive person as I am now. I chose to identify myself with my failures rather than my success. I was cynical about the whole point of human existence. And that’s when I realized that my brain needed rest. That realization opened a new door for me- the door of self-love.

Now self-love doesn’t mean narcissism but love for the fact that I choose to live hale and hearty with good mental habits.

My personal experience taught me a lot about mental health awareness. Why is it important? What is depression? Am I crazy? What is this feeling of numbness? I learned, and I am still learning every aspect of mental health importance. It is by this process that I am performing self-love.

Months ago, I singlehandedly launched a fight to combat against the taboo surrounding mental illness. My efforts were not fruitful as my reach was limited to a few audiences. However, a golden opportunity in the form of THE VENT MACHINE appeared before me, offering me a sign that my dream of creating awareness on mental health will not go in vain. So starting 10th October (WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY) my fellow bloggers and I will venture out to spread awareness and advocate against this social stigma through THE VENT MACHINE.


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