Why I decided to join the mental health awareness campaign on The Vent Machine?

For someone who works in the development and communication sector, I have seen for so long how everything around us affects our mental health and not enough is talked about it. Whether we talk about caste, class, gender, sexuality, workplace dynamics, etc – it all affects our mental health. And it does the most especially when we see power being involved. 
I believe mental health awareness is extremely important because there is not enough attention being paid to it. We often think about how we look like physically but often forget to how our environment has an impact on our mental well-being. This is why I want to be able to talk about these issues and break the stigma that has been associated with mental wellness, illness and seeking professional help regarding the same.
It is essential for us to understand that all of us go through various kinds of stress and pain and that it is okay. We need to understand that acceptance of this is necessary and that help is right around us. We just shouldn’t be afraid to reach it.


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