This Photographer Captures Delhi At Its Best


Street photography is one of my most favourite verticals and rightly so. It gives an insight into what a place is actually like. They say that a good picture is worth a thousand words and I couldn’t agree more!


I teamed up with one of my former students to bring to you some of the most realistic and amazing snapshots from Delhi or should I say ‘Dilli’. Shrikant Kukreti is a young and budding photographer based out of Delhi. He went out on the streets to capture some of the most amazing pictures! You can follow Shrikant on Instagram to know more about his work.

This picture is a perfect example of the amalgamation of new and old, the co-existence of Dilli and Delhi. It speaks of how both drastic aspects are visibly seen in the national capital.
Literally playing with fire, gambling lives to survive. Onlookers watch the kid performing in awe.
Just another evening in Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazaar
Wings for Women,an initiative by DMRC for women empowerment.
Growing up on the streets, these brothers don’t have a care for the world. they are happy playing with pebbles.
The little girl smiles at the camera while her mother gives a reserved pose!
The backdrops of Connaught Place
In anticipation of the next sawaari

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