‘Uncomfortable Nights’ by Arunima

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It's one of those uncomfortable nights And I think about why I feel a certain way. But all it does is take my sleep And leaves me With a blaring alarm sound At 7 am Because it's Monday morning And I can't quit. Words - All sorts of them Spin in my head In circles,... Continue Reading →

The ‘Not’ Social Media: Age of Distorted Connections

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PINKY PANDEY 'In our togetherness, castles are built', says an Irish proverb. Not stressing much on what it means, we all are acquainted with the idea of being together, being connected. The word 'connection' brings to our mind an immediate imagery of being in touch with our people while sharing our thick and thins. The... Continue Reading →

Is There Hope In This Rain? by Arunima

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I tried writing words That felt like sunshine In this rain. I tried writing words Trying to tell the chaos To calm down in my brain. I wrote words of hope and love Telling myself - That this is what I need to hear. But how would I hear it When I'm not ready yet?... Continue Reading →

‘Writing The City’ With Jon Gresham

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Rumi said "What you seek is seeking you" and I live by these golden words. When I moved to Singapore last year, I was extremely unsure if I would "fit in". Almost a year has passed by and this city has been nothing but warm to me. I've met some great people along the way... Continue Reading →

Singapore Writers Festival’s ‘Words Go Round’

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I have attended not one, but many panel discussions and lectures about creative writing, theatre, YouTubing and film-making. From India to Singapore, Bollywood to Korean Drama – I have met experts and heard them talk on various issues. Because of that, I barely have high hopes for such events anymore. Of course, you get to learn... Continue Reading →

A Stranger in My Own Land

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Have you ever wondered- ‘Why do you call the place where you stay my home? Why do you call your birth place as my native place and the country you belong to as my motherland?’  I know you will think that I am asking irrelevant questions. No, I am not. Let's see how: I am... Continue Reading →

Standards of Beauty

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In 6th grade, our teacher asked us what we aspired to be when we grew up. “I want to be a Doctor.” Wow! “I want to be an Engineer.” Great! “I want to be a Sports person.” Bravo! “I want to be a Model.” (The whole class roared in guffaws) When one of my friends... Continue Reading →


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A week ago, I visited a friend who resides in Gurugram. That night it rained like cats and dogs, and ultimately her room was completely flooded. We woke up in horror looking at our drenched bodies and floating household items. We felt so miserable and helpless.  Finally, it took two whole days to straighten up... Continue Reading →

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