When the home page of nascentwings.wordpress.com says 17 drafts, I know it is not a good thing for me. It means I am having chums! No. Not the usual tabooed one (read with rolling eyes) but the writing period. Trust me, for writers like me, it is worse than the regular menstrual cramps! During this period my problem is not that I am overflowing but the issue is that I am not bleeding (words). This is the time when I am not able to write, not able to complete my drafts and not able to go from idea to ideation. Now, the writing period is not a regular syndrome. It happens when it happens and when it does, it means that something is wrong.

My saturation point is quite high. I do not let external factors (especially people) affect myself much. I know they talk, they bitch and I also know that they do so because they get insecure. I take gossip about me as fuel to my confidence. They talk because they are worried, because they are insecure and because they cannot stand the charm of my existence. I know I sound like a self-obsessed bitch (well, I don’t mind sounding like one) but trust me, this is one funda, which helps you survive in this cobweb of losers barking behind your back. Now, it might come across that this particular writing period  is a result of these gossipers taking a toll on me. Well, generally I do not get effected but sometimes my ignorance reaches its saturation point!  So, yes. Out of many problems, this can be cited as one on of the reasons behind the writing block.

Furthermore, it happens to me often that I get low unnecessarily (read aiwe hi). I crib for no reason. It can be anything or nothing. It can be the weather, it can be that I am missing Him (my fiance who is in Singapore at this point of time), it can be that I am homesick (Begusarai will always be my home) or it can be nothing – just bad mood. Worse, it can be everything summed up together resulting into this major problem of the writing period. (Normally, I write one blog in say half an hour; it took me 2 days to complete this one!) I hope this blabbing of confused emotions will help my fingers and brain to work in sync on the keyboard!



By Surabhi Pandey

Surabhi Pandey, a former Delhi Doordarshan presenter, is a journalist currently based in Singapore. She is the author of ‘Nascent Wings’ and ‘Saturated Agitation’ and has contributed to over 15 anthologies in English and Hindi in India and Singapore. She writes on topics related to lifestyle and travel and is an active reporter on the tech startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. She is the editor and founder of The Vent Machine.


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