I am done with Babas and Tantriks. What about you?

Get a better ideal for yourself and remember that even if you think of yourself as Radha, the man that you are sleeping with is no Krishna! […]


All Hail The Goddess

Pandals (tents) and processions, pandits (priests) and devotees are thronging up and down on the streets of Begusarai – a small district in the state of Bihar in India. This is the month of October […]


I Spoke With Swara Bhasker and That Made My Day

I have had a connection with Swara Bhasker for a long time. Time and again, we have connected through social media. Well, this time it was different and even more awesome! She was live on […]


The Aziz Ansari Episode Opens Discussion On Why Sex Education Is Important

The entire Aziz Ansari episode – and the fact that it has divided opinions into two clear camps – is actually a big eye-opener. It is in no way an end of the #MeToo campaign but it […]



India is a purushpradhan society, a torchbearer of patriarchy; so much so thatChauvinism has become the flagship of Incredible India. There is no dearth of Male Chauvinist Pigs (MCPs) in this country. Be it a town or a village, a […]