Breeze, a leading laundry brand from Unilever, and SembWaste, a leading integrated environmental services provider, have collaborated to foster good recycling habits amongst students, hoping these young champions would in turn spur their families on to join them in creating a greener future together. The initiative involves promoting recycling efforts in schools and educating students on the right ways to recycle through fun challenges.

Breeze Singapore’s motivation to join this initiative stems from the brand’s interest to take steps towards a cleaner future. Breeze’s recent reformulation sees improvement on an eco-friendly front to keep up with the changing needs of its consumers.

The new formula is effective against stains, bacteria, odors and dust-mites even in cold washes, and is 100% biodegradable. New and improved Breeze is housed in fully recyclable bottles, but that becomes truly meaningful only if consumers actively recycle plastics.

Get rid of stains, bacteria and odour with the all-new Breeze 3-in-1 Power Laundry Capsules

As part of this joint project, Breeze coined #RecyclingWednesdays and provided a basic tote to students as a visual reminder to consciously sift out recyclables at home and bring them to school to recycle on a weekly basis. Breeze Singapore will also be inviting local media and influencers to take the lead and spread awareness through social media to drive change by encouraging their followers to join hands with their families and start recycling, especially plastics.

Breeze Singapore and SembWaste invites everyone to embark on this recycling journey together. A small but impactful change every single day will contribute to creating a better, greener and sustainable future for everyone.


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