Better immunity, gut function and brain health with Unique Time’s Premium Probiotic 10

Introducing Unique Time’s Premium Probiotic 10, a natural, safe and easy-to-prepare probiotic enhancement product that protects gut health, strengthens immune response and promotes holistic well-being. It is the latest addition to the trusted supplement brand, Unique Time’s developing range of world-class health products.

Formulated with unique patented technology to safeguard the Dupont-branded probiotics and extend product shelf-life, Unique Time’s Premium Probiotic 10 undergo rigorous clinical testing to meet the stringent standards of renowned quality assurance organisations around the world. The new probiotic product includes natural ingredients of premium quality in the most compact packaging that can easily integrate into our hectic lifestyles.

Well-balanced Gut = Well-balanced Life

Gut health problems can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as an unhealthy diet, constant stress or a lack of exercise. Continuously practicing these poor self- care habits could lead to troubles in their microbiome, eventually resulting in poor gut health. Some common symptoms of poor gut health include bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and constant fatigue.

Probiotics help to restore the composition of the gut microbiome, which refers to the largest concentration of bacteria and microorganisms that reside in your body, all the way deep inside the walls of the intestines. The gut microbiome plays a huge role in the functioning of the human body as it controls digestion, the immune system, brain health as well as other important bodily functions.

Improved Physical & Mental Health

Apart from rebuilding the composition of the gut microbiome and strengthening your body, probiotics can also make a significant difference to your physical appearance. Several studies have shown that they can actually help with weight loss and reducing belly fat, resulting in the body becoming shapelier and slimmer over time. These microbes might also be the secret to achieving clear and healthy skin, as they help to alleviate existing skin conditions like rashes and eczema. By forming an optimal environment for the growth of good bacteria, they are also able to maintain a healthy balance of microflora on the skin and keep it hydrated, as well as reduce visible signs of wrinkles and ageing.

Probiotics also have the power to influence mood and improve cognitive function as well, thus reducing negative emotions and promoting better brain health. With so many benefits rolled into just one sachet, taking a serving of Premium Probiotic 10 daily has the ability to make a huge difference in your mental clarity and uplift your mood, changing your life for the better in the long run.

Thanks to its 4-in-1 symbiotic combination, each Unique Time Premium Probiotic 10 sachet has 20 billion colony-forming units (CFU), 10 probiotic strains, four prebiotics, eight superfoods and vegetables. Some of the superfoods present include spinach, kale and alfalfa, and all of them have their own unique benefits and minerals to help your body maintain good health.

Safe & Effective, with Patented Technology

Containing 10 Dupont Howaru® premium strains, they are validated by gold- standard clinical trials, with guaranteed stability and efficacy in improving the gut microbiome. The prebiotics present in each serving will optimise the activity of probiotics, by acting as food for the gut bacteria and helping them to grow.

Although most probiotic strands are sensitive to elements like heat and oxygen, each Premium Probiotic 10 sachet is made with patented technology to keep the flora dormant, which is able to extend their shelf-life whilst still being placed in room temperature. They are also able to withstand stomach acid, so that the probiotic strands will be able to reach the intestines alive after entering the body, and remain viable to carry out their functions.

Availability & Pricing
The Unique Time Premium Probiotic 10 is currently retailing at $69.90 for a box of 28 sachets and can be found on Lazada, Qoo10 as well as at

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