TiNDLE, ecoSPIRITS and Brass Lion Distillery put sustainability on the menu at 28 HongKong Street this month

Homegrown heroes TiNDLEecoSPIRITS and Brass Lion Distillery have joined forces at award-winning 28 HongKong Street for the month of April, to demonstrate how sustainable food and drink can make an environmental impact in just a single serving.

The April edition of 28 HongKong Street’s Proper Dinner series will feature Chef Melvyn Tan’s TiNDLE spin on the bar’s iconic Fried Chicken n’ Waffles topped with homemade herb butter. Chef Mel makes everything from scratch to create the dish — making this version likely the most sustainable, freshest take on the nostalgic American bar food in Singapore. 

The dish is paired with the Brass Ring Cocktail, a low-waste, gin-based cocktail by Chris Saw, Singapore’s reigning Sustainable Bartending Competition winner. Working to achieve minimal waste by upcycling leftovers from the kitchen, Chris has created a tall and refreshing vegan cocktail that features Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin, aromatised leftover white wine and house-made lime cordial from discarded lime husks. 

Each Proper Dinner served in the month of April will do the following: 

  • Save 31L of water by switching from traditional resource-intensive chicken to TiNDLE’s chicken made from plants 
  • Eliminate 150g of carbon emissions through 28’s use of ecoSPIRITS low-waste spirits technology 
  • Plant one native tree in 28’s name in the endangered Kalimantan rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia

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