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Fitbit Charge 4 comes with built-in GPS and better sleep tracking, plus it helps me track my periods

From monitoring your heart rate and helping you sleep better to tracking your periods: Fitbit charge 4 does it all

Being a freelancer, my sleep schedule is always off, periods are generally late and workout routine barely exists. I find myself struggling between deadlines and (virtual) meetings most of the days but I do try to squeeze in at least 40 minutes of exercise every day.

This year has been especially hard with increased isolation amidst the pandemic. One thing that has been the worst affected is my sleep. So, when I learned that I was getting a chance to try the all-new Fitbit charge 4 that had better sleep tracking among other amazing features, I could not say no!

Fitbit Charge 4 has great design, greater features

Before I get into some of my favorite features of Charge 4, I have to say this: I love its svelte design. Since I haven’t tried its predecessor, I don’t have comparison notes to share, however, I can say that it has a modern, sleek look and feels light on the wrist.

The Charge 4 has a rectangular design like most wrist-band fitness trackers, with a touch-sensitive button on its left and a 1-inch (100 x 160 pixels) monochrome touchscreen display. The touchscreen is easy to read in all but bright sunlight and responds quickly to swipes. My Fitbit Charge 4 Standard Edition came with a robust silicone strap in rosewood (a shade of purple). it also comes in black and storm blue/black.

From cycling to yoga– Fitbit Charge 4 tracks over 20 different activities, and is waterproof. Charge 4 is also the first Fitbit device to deliver Active Zone Minutes, a new personalized standard that measures your time spent in each heart rate zone, helping you more efficiently reach your goal of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week to help improve your health.

One of Charge 4’s most talked-about feature is the in-built GPS, and rightly so. The GPS maps your route during an outdoor walk, bike ride, run, or hike without having to rely on your phone. 

I sleep well and know my periods better now

When you work remotely all-year-round and juggle between several publications, plus run your own website, your sleeping habits are not that great. Full disclosure, I have tried tracking my sleep with other apps and wearables in the past but have never gotten much out of it. However, I’d read positive reviews about Fitbit charge 4’s sleep tracking feature and was a bit hopeful (read desperate to fix sleep). And, I was not let down.

After I set up my sleeping goals, the app started giving me a “Sleep Score” based on factors like sleep duration, sleep stages, heart rate, and even variations in blood oxygen levels every morning.  

After the first few nights of testing, I was able to get some useful insights into my sleep habits like how much sleep I was getting and the quality of my sleep. Being a Fitbit Premium subscriber, I also had access to other crucial information, including heart rate, and blood oxygen data.

This helped me get insights into my overall health and I managed to set achievable goals accordingly. Fitbit’s gentle reminders to go to bed and sleep scores in the morning keep me motivated to keep my health in check.

Another great feature of the Fitbit Charge 4 is that it helps me track my monthly cycle and shares insights into my menstrual health. I was able to log details like cramps and flow intensity, and it shared insights on my ovulation and periods accordingly. An odd observation here was that apparently you can’t tell Fitbit if you are pregnant.

Smart features

Charge 4 comes with added convenience and smart features to help manage the day and stay connected but not distracted. The first Fitbit tracker with Spotify, Charge 4 helps me stay motivated with my favorite playlists and songs with easy-to-access music controls that let me choose the music output, play, shuffle and skip content, and like songs.

Additionally, I can receive notifications from my paired phone, and, Fitbit Charge 4’s 1-inch screen does a good job of displaying them. I can also get alerts for calls and text messages, as well as calendar updates. 

If I had to pick one thing that did not work as expected me, I’d say the battery. The box claims it is powered up to seven days of battery life but I think if you use all the features, and work out plus run, it is likely to die a bit sooner than that.

Overall, great features, sleek design and easy-to-use Fitbit Charge 4 might be just what you need to help you stay fit.

Charge 4 is available at major retail stores in Singapore such as Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, E-Gadget, Gain City, Harvey Norman, and online worldwide for SGD 248.

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