The ‘S’ Word by Georgia Caney is a comprehensive travel guide in the eBook format. Georgia Caney is a British woman residing in Singapore for the last 4 years. As an expat, she has been able to gather a handful of experiences in this beautiful island-state. Hence, she put into work her knowledge and information to compose the book The ‘S’ Word.

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What to expect in this Singapore guide?

The content of this eBook has been delivered in three sections. The first section carries an introduction about the writer and the target audience of the book. The second section is the chunk of everything you desire to know about Singapore. From weather conditions to the cost of living Georgia has dissected to cover up all the important topics that one needs to know before travelling (as a tourist) or deciding to settle in Singapore. The third section is a bonus treat for the readers wherein Georgia lists her favourite spots.

Learn more about Georgia and her book The ‘S’ Word.

The ‘S’ Word is a well-described travel eBook from an expat’s point of view. The text is simple to read and easy to grasp the provided information. I liked the template used for the book. It made the pages lively and enjoyable to go through. I won’t rate a travel guide book but I wouldn’t mind using The ‘S’ Word as a handbook while on a trip to Singapore. 

Anyone planning a visit to The Lion City for the first time can get your hands on this eBook for a heads-up. Also, I recommend it for people who are simply curious about life in Singapore.

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