Let us first understand what minimalism means.

Being a minimalist means you value yourself more than material things. It means making decisions based on what you need instead of getting everything you want. For some people, there might be a negative connotation attached to the word “minimalism”. They might think that they are asked to give up the things they want. However, that is not true.


Minimalism focuses on making time and room for more fulfilling experiences and being better versions of ourselves. By removing our focus from extra materialistic possessions, minimalism allows us to focus on what is important to us. It gives us a novel attitude and helps us shift our locus of control towards the inside instead of the outside. We learn to stop giving up on instant gratification and become more accountable for our feelings. Minimalism is a way to lead a happy life.

If you are a beginner and confused yet intrigued about minimalism, worry not we have got you covered. In 2020, we ill help you adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Remember, it is a slow and gradual process and the trick is to take one step at a time.

The Marie Kondo way

Decluttering means getting rid of the things which are not required and only keeping the bare essentials. You can start by asking yourself three questions:

  • Does this add value to my life?
  • Have I used it in the last 90 days?
  • Will I be using it in the next 90 days?

If the answer to these questions is no, then you can get rid of those things. You can start with smaller things like your wallet and then proceed with other things. It can be your kitchen table, or a drawer or accessories or even the apps in your mobile.

Time is money


Take time to look for things or activities which are eating up most of your time. Keep a notepad with you and list down the things which need to be done in the day, and plan accordingly. This will help you prioritize the things which are important and requires attention and avoid procrastination. Also, make sure that your things are organized. When everything is organized, it will take less time looking for things.

Toxic humans not welcome


Hanging on to relationships which do not make you happy or weigh you down will lead to emotional clutter. Relationships are good, however, if the same relationship acts as a stressor, then it’s time to remove them from your life. Maintain and build relationships with people that make you feel good about yourself and are good influences on you. Having a thousand friends is not important, but having two real friends which help you grow emotionally and mentally is important.

Less is more

Living with less doesn’t mean you do not buy things you need. It just means buying things which you actually need than buying everything you want. Don’t go crazy about buying watches, clothes, dresses, accessories, bags, shoes. We don’t realize that we use only 30% of the things from the total things we actually buy. 


Smartphones and technology have definitely made life easier; however, how much to let it intervene with your life should be decided by you. Living with less means simplifying your entire lifestyle, including your diet, finances, gadgets, materialistic things and relationships.

Is it time for a digital detox?

Mindfulness leads to happiness

Too often we worry about things unnecessarily and have goals which we think is important to lead a happy life. We start assuming that having a big house, or car or branded clothes will keep us happy. What we don’t realize is the happiness of achieving these goals is only temporary. They don’t give us a sense of fulfilment. Staying mindful of what we need encourages us to live within our means. This helps us live a life we always wanted to live free from the worry of paying debts we incurred in buying all the things which were not necessary.

Read how to worry less and practice mindfulness every day.


By adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you no longer spend time on meaningless activities and people. You start focusing more on substantial activities like reading intellectually stimulating books, or spending more time with nature or playing sports or spending more time with loved ones. You are finally able to find long-lasting happiness, and that’s what we are looking for in life, RIGHT?

Minimalism, however, means different things to different people, so it is on you to decide what it means to you. Have a mindful 2020!


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