One evening, three authors, two books: A literary event to look forward to this Sunday

  • November 12, 2019

If you are into books and have been hovering around the Arts House for the past week or so indulging in the Singapore Writer’s Festival, here’s another reason for you to be there this weekend. On Sunday, the 17th, at 5 pm, get a chance to meet three authors and attend the book launch of two amazing books: Train Friends by Nandini Patwardhan and Ranjani Rao and Dangling Gandhi by Jayanthi Shankar.

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About the books:

Train Friends – This is a collection of fourteen paired essays written by Nandini Patwardhan and Ranjani Rao. Both writers grew up in Mumbai and spent long periods in the United States. The essays explore similar themes, but from very different perspectives. Topics covered are the emergence of ambition in childhood, becoming mothers in a foreign land, the meaning of home, and how the writers’ values continue to be shaped by their formative experiences. This is a different kind of immigrant narrative. There is nostalgia, but it is coloured with optimism, ambition, and courage. Curious and open-minded readers will find resonance in this anthology.

Ranjani Rao and Nandini Patwardhan are the co-authors of Train Friends – Bombay roots, Parallel tracks, Shared journey; a collection of essays.



The cover for ‘The Train Friends’ was designed by The Vent Machine


Dangling Gandhi

Here is a set of short stories that artistically break the traditional rules of storytelling to bring about freshness, so Singaporean, India, and Asian. About 10 out of the 12 short stories ranging right from 1905 colonial period in Singapore, the period of the independence struggle in India to the contemporary modern themes such as  ‘my mother is feminist’ are truly SingLit, aptly published when we celebrate our Bicentennial. The collection has all the features like smooth readability, with an anthropological approach, interesting experiments both in content and form that any good collection would be expected to have.

Jayanthi Sankar is the author of Dangling Gandhi and other stories, a collection of short stories.


At the launch of Train Friends and Dangling Gandhi, you can also grab a copy of Desi Modern Love– an anthology inspired from real-life stories of love and life contributed by authors across the globe- India, Singapore and the US. This is a special one for us here at The Vent Machine as not only did we design the cover of this book but also Desi Modern Love features TVM editor Surabhi’s story ‘A Giant Leap For Womenkind’- a story about a woman’s marital journey.


Date And Time: Sun, 17 November 2019; 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore, 179429
Register for the launch here.
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