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Grape cooking with TV personality and culinary anthropologist Nithiya Laila

I was recently invited to a private cooking demo by celebrity chef and star culinary anthropologist- Nithiya Laila. The event started with a tour around the Super Farmers’ premises, where we were shown around the lush green plantations. Everyone chatted about the various plants, how to consume them, the health benefits of including them in our diets, and on how we can grow and use these plants to maintain our health.

Then the cooking session started with a brief introduction of the teams and the orchard grapes. The representatives from Orchard Rd. grapes explained how these grapes are grown in different parts of the world depending on the weather and season in order to ensure that they are consistent in terms of quality and taste when they reached the customers. 

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Making Masala Chai Pudding with Roasted Grapes

It was then down to business with Nithiya Laila starting the cooking demo. It was a fun session with interesting conversations and free flow of the grapes. The green ones had a depth of flavour with sweet and slightly tarty which we were told were good for savoury dishes while the red ones were sweeter and for the desserts. Both were excellent for munching. 

As the food was being cooked, the aroma of brewing masala chai and grapes laced with coconut oil and cinnamon being baked had my mouth watering. While I have grown up eating rice pudding and masala chai, the idea of combining the two was new and interesting. I must say, it tasted amazing! I loved the fact that the recipe is so versatile, that it can be customized to our tastes.


All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon learning more about different ways that we can use grapes in our cooking, and we left with a resolve to snack on some grapes whenever we feel like having some snacks. 

The grapes are now available in cold storage near you! Follow Nithiya Laila on Instagram to learn more.

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