How to be a successful instapoet: Lessons from Lang Leav

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Art evolves with time yet continues to remain relevant. The same can be said for poetry. With the advent of the internet and social media, a new tribe of poets have emerged- Instagram Poets or Instapoets. Currently, there are more than 3 million #Instapoet posts on Instagram. One of the most popular and successful Instapoet... Continue Reading →

Grape cooking with TV personality and culinary anthropologist Nithiya Laila

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I was recently invited to a private cooking demo by celebrity chef and star culinary anthropologist- Nithiya Laila. The event started with a tour around the Super Farmers’ premises, where we were shown around the lush green plantations. Everyone chatted about the various plants, how to consume them, the health benefits of including them in our... Continue Reading →

What is killing our reading habit?

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For kids who grew up in the 90s, when the Internet was still a futuristic thought and we were still unaware of mobile phones, computers meant playing around with MS Paint and watching a series meant following Vikram Betaal every Sunday on Doordarshan while to communicate with distant relatives or friends we had to use the... Continue Reading →

The Bubble Tea Factory – the one true bubble tea wonderland

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Talking about our favourite beverages, the minds of many like-minded Singaporeans would list out a series of the selection of bubble teas. From the sweet corners of brown sugar flavours to savoury salted egg-milk foam- bubble tea outlets around our neighbourhoods offer various flavours, textures, colours, toppings and milk types. While we love the fact... Continue Reading →

The Singapore haze that made to the cover story​ of all national and local dailies​

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Singapore has been facing the issue of haze from the past several decades owing to its proximity to Indonesia. However, the air quality declined to unhealthy levels for the first time in the previous three years, reported the National Environment Agency. Haze pollution that has caused a whiteout across the island in the last few... Continue Reading →

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