‘Uncomfortable Nights’ by Arunima

It’s one of those uncomfortable nights
And I think about why
I feel a certain way.
But all it does is take my sleep
And leaves me
With a blaring alarm sound
At 7 am
Because it’s Monday morning
And I can’t quit.

Words –
All sorts of them
Spin in my head
In circles, squares and any other shape
That make me wonder
How do I even exist?

Why can’t I listen to the good?
Why can’t I look at myself
In the mirror and smile
Without anxious thoughts
That pile and pile?

My body feels broken
My body feels pain
My body feels tired
Like it could burn up
Into flames.
Yet my eyes are wide open
And sleep isn’t around.
What do I do?
I wish I could close my eyes
And drift along.

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