Herald in a joyous and meaningful Easter season symbolic of spring and new life with celebrations filled with Da Paolo’s Easter highlights. Revel in this traditional holiday the Italian way with a charming Easter spread, perfect for enjoying with family and friends, or for gifting.

Da Paolo offers an array of treats, ranging from celebratory breads, such as Hot Cross Bun, Tsoureki, and Colomba, to Easter concoctions crafted for the occasion, and handmade Chocolate Eggs.

Da Paolo’s resplendent Easter offerings can be purchased online for delivery and self-pickup, or in-store from now till 30 April 2022, while stocks last.

Hot Cross Buns – Easter Bread Special

Back again for the second year are Da Paolo’s Easter Hot Cross Buns ($3.90 per piece), available daily from 1 to 30 April. A spiced sweet soft bread with English origins, these hot cross buns are typically eaten warm on Good Friday. This recipe features a traditional list of ingredients together with Da Paolo’s touch of special ingredients.

The preparation for the hot cross buns follows a sourdough bread-making process that starts the day before. A 6-spice mix, orange zest and plenty of sultanas that have been generously soaked in dark rum are added to a sourdough sweet dough. Undergoing a cold and slow fermentation, the ingredients develop their signature Easter flavours overnight. The hot cross buns are batch-baked and coated in an aromatic-fruity glaze as soon as they are fresh out of the oven and decorated with a cross made of flour paste. Each hot cross bun serves one and is best enjoyed warm with slices of cold butter sprinkled with sea salt to balance out the natural sweetness of the bread.

Tsoureki – Easter Bread Special

Da Paolo introduces the Tsoureki ($9.90 per piece), a braided sweet bread, available every Friday to Sunday from 1 to 30 April. Tsoureki is made by Greeks around the world to celebrate various holidays throughout the year, with different versions of the bread for each one. Da Paolo’s version of the Tsoureki is inspired by the Greek Easter twist bread prepared with two special imported ingredients: Greek mahlepi spice that has a flavour similar to cherry and bitter almonds combined, and Greek mastic – a resin originating from a mastic tree specific to the island of Chios located in the Aegean Sea. White sesame seeds and lemon zest are also added to elevate the flavours.

Similar to a brioche or challah, the recipe for this aromatic bread is also based on a sourdough sweet dough, and each loaf is egg-washed prior to baking. Da Paolo’s Tsoureki serves two to three persons and is perfect when toasted for breakfast or afternoon tea, served with butter and honey. The enjoyment of this sweet bread is complete with coffee or an aromatic hot tea.

Colomba – An Easter Exclusive

Indulge in Da Paolo’s Colomba ($88 each), handmade in Italy by Da Paolo’s artisanal bakers who use multi-generational, time-honoured techniques to craft these delectable dove-shaped Easter cakes signifying peace and renewal. The soft and fragrant Colomba is made with meticulously selected ingredients and sourdough that is risen slowly and naturally.

Wrapped in a reusable floral tea towel, the Colomba is available in three flavours:

  • Colomba Classica: This traditional Easter cake has an aromatic dough obtained from a slow and natural leavening process, topped with crunchy almonds and grains of sugar.
  • Colomba Pistachio” The fragrance of the naturally leavened dough combines wonderfully with a creamy pistachio filling. The amalgamation of top-quality pistachios and tasty chocolate icing decorated with a rich grain of crunchy pistachio nuts gives this bread an extra touch of sweetness.
  • Colomba Cioccolato: The soft and delicate dough exudes an alluring fragrance of vanilla and combines harmoniously with icing of pure, smooth dark chocolate drops.

Dolce & Gabbana Colomba

Packaged in a blue and white collectible tin designed by Sicilian artists, the D&G Mini Colomba Tin ($32.90) encases a handmade Colomba with Sicilian chocolate drops covered with icing. Packaged in an elegant rectangular collectible tin box with a jar of chocolate cream and Fiasconaro spread, the D&G Colomba Gift Set ($178) features a Colomba swirled with wild strawberry jam and dark chocolate, coated in Sicilian chocolate spread and topped with Sicilian chocolate drops.

Sweet Treats with La Perla Chocolate Easter Eggs

A product of Italy, La Perla Chocolate Easter Eggs are a toothsome sweet treat apt for the occasion. Available in three different sizes and flavours, these Easter Eggs are handmade with gluten-free, high-quality artisanal chocolate, according to the Piedmontese tradition.

La Perla Chocolate Easter Egg (Milk & Dark) [300g] ($75): This Easter Egg features a different flavour of chocolate in each half: extra-fine milk chocolate and 75% dark chocolate, creating the perfect balance in which the delicacy and the sweetness of the milk chocolate are combined with the sensational bitterness of dark chocolate. With its colourful and striking hand-wrapped packaging, this Easter Egg also doubles up as a great table centrepiece before cracking into it.

La Perla Chocolate Easter Egg (Dark) [300g] ($75): This 75% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is made for those with less of a sweet tooth, but still want to join in on all the Easter festivities.

La Perla Chocolate Easter Egg (Milk) [300g] ($75): A classic treat never missing from the Easter spread, La Perla’s Milk Chocolate Easter egg offers a mouthful of decadence with its extra-fine, pure milk chocolate.

La Perla Chocolate Egg [80g] ($19): Ideal for the perennial Easter Egg hunt, an unquestionable favourite Easter activity of the day. Each of these medium-sized chocolate eggs features two halves, each made of a different chocolate flavour. Choose from a combination of white and 75% dark chocolate; white and extra-fine milk chocolate; or extra-fine milk and 75% dark chocolate and relish the best of both worlds.

La Perla Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs in Tin ($42.90): Da Paolo’s Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs make for a cute and special gift waiting to be tucked into as the tin reveals a trove of irresistible bites of chocolate goodness.

Easter Picnic Basket The Rabbit Hole

Hop Into Spring With Da Paolo’s Easter Picnic Basket: Savour the first notes of spring by going on a picnic, a gathering now made more convenient with Da Paolo’s Easter Picnic Basket ($196.20, Usual price $218). Carefully curated and generously packed with delicious Easter goodies for both the young and young at heart, the basket includes Da Paolo’s Colomba Classica (750G), La Perla Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs Bag (200g), Hot Cross Buns (4 pieces), and a thirst-quenching Bellini (750ml) to sip on a sunny day.

Delightful Easter Concoctions

From Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant & Bar: The tradition of the Easter rabbit is associated with both an ancient pagan tradition and the festivities of spring. Ubiquitous with the holiday, Da Paolo offers two Easter-inspired cocktail specials available daily after 11 am from 1 to 30 April.

The Rabbit Hole Cocktail ($24): Head down the rabbit hole to discover this rich, velvety libation of Roku Gin, Amaretto Disaronno, vanilla, cream, Greek yoghurt, and chocolate soil. Boasting a unique floral flavour infused with a nutty sweetness, The Rabbit Hole is great for a breezy lunch out.

The Red Rabbit Mocktail ($16): This fruity drink comes to life with bright flavours of Earl Grey, vanilla, and lime, tied together by a fizzy soda and garnished with raspberries and basil. The blend of sweet and tart flavours melds seamlessly, working together to create a light, refreshing beverage with a hint of herbaceousness.


Da Paolo’s Easter highlights can be purchased online for delivery and self-pickup from selected Da Paolo Gastronomia outlets, or in-store from now till 30 April 2022* or while stocks last, whichever is earlier.

*Hot Cross Bun and Tsoureki Bread are available from 1 to 30 April 2022; the latter (Tsoureki) is only offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

A minimum of 2 days is required for orders to be processed and delivery arrangements to be confirmed. Orders received after 12pm will be confirmed the next day. Standard delivery is $20nett per location. Order online at https://gastronomia-foodtoorder.dapaolo.com.sg/. For more information, visit www.dapaolo.com.sg/gastronomia or www.instagram.com/dapaolosg.

*Prices indicated are nett (inclusive of prevailing government taxes) for online purchases.


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