Tis the Season of Plant Parenting: Seven Shopee Gardening Must-Haves!

Forget about baby fever – we’ve got plant baby fever! Whether you’re a budding plant parent or a green-fingered parent of eight (plants, that is), Shopee’s got you covered with all the green essentials you’ll need to take your botany game to the next level!

And where else could be more perfect for plant parenthood than in our Garden City itself? This National Day, all plant enthusiasts can look forward to the Garden City, Garden Home sale happening from 4th to 7th August, during Shopee’s 8.8 National Day Sale! Create your own garden home while supporting local businesses, with upsized vouchers from crowd-favourite local sellers including Plantonic (10% off min spend $50), Steve & Leif (8% off min spend $40), Naturlink (8% off min spend $45) and more!

Parenting doesn’t have to be stressful. First-timers, look out for Featured Bundles such as 5 Plant Parent Starter Kits from $6.99, and Featured Plant Collections including the Everything Under $10 collection and Airplants & Succulents for low-maintenance plant babies. Ready to level up? Check out our Homegrown Goodness collection to grow your very own produce at home!

Users can also enjoy an upsized 10% off voucher on Home & Living products*** with this promo code: 10OFFGCGHAUG.

***Voucher is only applicable for products under the Tools, DIY and Outdoors sub-category.

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