Singaporeans and Malaysians invited to get 6 Months of Dim Sum Warriors Language Learning App for FREE

Singapore-based edutainment company Yumcha Studios is offering Singaporeans and Malaysians 6 months’ FREE access to their highly-regarded Dim Sum Warriors bilingual app, originally priced at $9/month. This is especially useful for families trying to encourage their children to read more in Chinese.

Yumcha Studios CEO Dr. Woo Yen Yen says that they made the decision when the new Covid restrictions were imposed on Singapore and Malaysia.

“We know how hard it is to keep kids occupied and positive when they’re stuck at home all the time. So we thought that for this difficult period, we’d make 6 months of our App free because kids really need high-quality content that educates as well as entertains.” As many would say in Singapore and Malaysia, she adds, “Boh pian doesn’t have to mean sian,” i.e., having no choice doesn’t necessarily mean having to be bored.

The Dim Sum Warriors App helps kids improve both Chinese and English through hilarious stories, adorable characters, games and reading evaluation tech that provides motivation and feedback on fluency and pronunciation. 

“Kids will be learning a lot,” says creator Dr. Woo, a former tenured professor in the field of education who’s also an award-winning filmmaker. “But it won’t feel like drudgery. Because learning is better when you’re laughing.”

The offer will run until 31 July 2021 and can be found at
Learn Chinese Language Dim Sum Warriors APP

Following a brief announcement on the Dim Sum Warriors Facebook page, there was a surge in subscriptions which actually brought the deal page down for 2 hours. It has now been restored.

Get a free six-month subscription to Dim Sum Warriors

  • Click on Learn Chinese Language Dim Sum Warriors APP
  • Click on the Sign Up Now button. Discount code is already applied to Cart. Enter your credit card details and get 6 months App subscription at ZERO dollars. (For the next 6 months, a free code will be applied during every monthly renewal notice. Please see the full notice and terms and conditions during checkout.)
  • Use your assigned Username and Password to open up ALL stories in the App.

Parents have also left enthusiastic reviews on the Dim Sum Warriors Facebook page, such as: 

“My twin girls are 11 yrs old. But like most SG kids, they won’t speak in Mandarin unless they have to … Which is why I was surprised to hear them repeatedly reading the Chinese sentences (in the App) – Kris Lim, mother of 11 year-old twins.

Why Dim Sum Warriors is an ideal choice to keep children engaged during HBL

The Dim Sum Warriors App is a reliable choice to keep children engaged during HBL. It is independently certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, one of the world’s top edtech impact verification agencies.

Plus, it has a range of features that allow users to read humorous bilingual comics and toggle between the languages easily, listen to the English-Chinese stories in audio-book mode read by local and international actors, play vocabulary-building games, designed by award-winning artists and education experts, and even record their voices, and get immediate feedback on pronunciation and fluency through cutting-edge reading evaluation tech.

For the duration of this special free 6-month subscription, a code will be applied during every monthly renewal notice, so that subscribers will not be charged. After 6 months, regular subscription charges will apply, although you may cancel at any time. Please see the full notice and terms and conditions at during checkout.

The offer expires at midnight UTC+8 of 31 July 2021. Get it here today!