As we move into Phase 2 (with Heightened Measures), those with birthdays during this period have to celebrate yet another birthday at home – a small but significant price to pay for the safety and health of everyone. This would mean that all Taurus and Gemini babies deserve a special gift that would surely lift their spirits! Here is a list of curated gift ideas for a spectacular Stay-Home Birthday, purchasable from the comfort of your own home and to be delivered with a click of a mouse.

For basketball lovers

From left to right: Men’s Base Layer Capri Basketball Leggings (LA Lakers), Men’s Sleeveless Base Layer Jersey UT500 (Brooklyn Nets), Basketball Elbow Guard E500 (LA Clippers)price varies

We all have that one friend who can’t stop talking about who the newest MVP is in the NBA this year. Surprise them with a set of basketball gear from Decathlon’s newly released NBA x Tarmak collection! Released in collaboration with the NBA, the collection is designed to wick away moisture, so while they aren’t able to hit the court as of yet, they can sport their favourite basketball team while working out at home. 

(Decathlon offers free delivery for orders above $60! If you don’t hit the $60 mark, try pairing your purchase with one of Decathlon’s staple sports bags, a multipurpose essential, or a basketball hoop.)

For the artsy ones

From left to right: Bynd Artisan’s Artist A5 Sketchbook — $40.00, Yi Kou Jia’s DIY Number Painting in Y489 197 and Y484 192, both $19.90 (U.P. $39.90)

For the friends who love expressing their creativity through art, Bynd Artisan’s Artist A5 Sketchbook is an ideal place to store their works. Each sketchbook contains 96 pages of 200gsm 20% cotton content watercolour paper, suitable for most artistic techniques, including (but not limited to) oil painting, charcoal, wax crayon and acrylic. The pages of the book lie flat, making for an easier sketch. The natural grain leatherette cover maintains a chic look too. It is available in four different colours — brown, pink, red, teal and turquoise — on eCapitaMall’s website.

For those who love art but don’t have the talent for it, number painting has become increasingly popular. Not only is it easy to follow, but also really therapeutic, giving us a chance to rest our brains and relax. eCapitaMall offers a range of over 40 number painting designs to choose from, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

For the domestic geek

From top to bottom: Pyrex’s 2-piece Rectangle Glass Storage Set — $16.90 (U.P. $35.00), Mayer’s 5.5L Air Fryer — $79.90 (U.P. $299.00)

Since food outlets are only doing takeaway orders now, takeaway containers are a great practical gift for those who prefer functional presents that they’ll use regularly. This two-piece Pyrex set is an all-in-one — it’s microwave safe, so you can dabao your food, chuck it in the fridge and reheat it all in the same container. Convenience at its finest. BHG is offering this set at a discounted price of $16.90 on their website! 

For those who don’t want to go out but still find cooking too much of a hassle, an air fryer could be their next best friend. Air fryers don’t just work well with frozen nuggets and fries, but it can whip up roasted chicken, half boiled eggs and even cookies! Mayer’s 5.5L air fryer has a timer that runs up to 30 minutes, and comes with safety features that include a cool touch handle with non-slip feet, and an auto-cutoff switch that switches it off when the frying basket has been removed. The air fryer is currently going at a discounted price of $79.90 on BHG’s online store — perfect time to get your friends one. (Check out this website for more interesting air fryer recipes.)


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