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Singapore’s first organic cosmetic brand Liht Organics projected to hit a 450% spike in revenue through strategic partnership with the Royal Family of Bahrain

With most businesses taking a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic; 63 per cent negatively impacted with revenue plunging by 31 per cent on average, it is inevitable that most of them would try to play it safe, let alone try to expand their business globally. However, a Singaporean entrepreneur and founder Nerissa Low took it to  Royalty level with a whole new playing field with the Middle East market.

Enter Liht Organics (pronounced as ‘light’)The first ever organic makeup brand to enter the Middle East market in 2019, has officially established a strategic partnership with His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij al Khalifa, part of the Royal Family of Bahrain due to Liht’s 450% increase in global market demand. With the Sheikh himself inducted as an honorary board member of Liht Organics, Nerissa brought both Singaporean pride with her and the brand ethos of clean and green living to Bahrain since 51% of Bahrain communities are eager to curb the growing effects of global warming

“The foundation and the lipsticks are super. The foundation leaves the skin very soft and radiant. The lipsticks are long-lasting, have a beautiful shiny nuance, leaving the lips soft and hydrated.” – Her Excellency Emanuela Al Khalifa

True to its strict formulations of 100% natural ingredients and catered to not restrict the modern women by social norms; it is definitely fated that His Excellency’s wife – Her Excellency Emanuela Al Khalifa has nothing but praise for Liht’s product especially Liht’s foundation due to its shiny glow and its hydrating lipsticks.

With the Royal stamp of approval, Liht Organics will be making its mark on the global stage by representing Singapore’s cosmetic industry for the Royal Investment Summit in Dubai soon next along with the Royalties and other renowned global businesses. Therefore, Liht Organics’ potential to be the next big thing in the Middle East is limitless. 

Additionally, the strategic partnership was born out of both Nerissa and the Sheikh’s desire to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle and sustainable options which led to their agreement last month, March 2021. With Nerissa herself having suffered from acne in her 20s, she took it upon herself to find a long-term solution to her skin problems without putting her love for makeup at the back burner, hence the birth of Liht Organics – providing products that are not only safe for the consumers but also safe for the planet, even safe enough to eat!

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