Bruichladdich Distillery announces the arrival of the new Octomore 11 Series in Singapore. With new four inimitable expressions – 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 and Octomore 10 Year Old – the Octomore 11 Series exemplifies the brand’s risk-taking, logic-defying ethos.

For Octomore fans interested in sampling the series, The Single Cask Whisky Bar will offer a flight of 20ml each of Octomore 11.1, 11.3 and 10 Year Old (S$60+ early-bird pricing during April 2021 and S$70+ during May 2021), giving a taste of the unique range of whiskies with an opportunity to learn more about the brand from The Single Cask’s passionate and knowledgeable team. One of the top whisky destinations in Singapore, The Single Cask was built on the belief that the search for the perfect dram never ends. A long-time supporter of Bruichladdich’s whiskies, The Single Cask adds the Octomore 11 series to an extensive collection of bottles from The Bruichladdich Distillery.

The series (excluding Octomore 11.2) is also available by the dram at select bars in Singapore including Tippling Club, The Cooperage, The Wall, Malts and Tess Bar & Kitchen. Individual bottles of Octomore 11.1 (RSP S$260 / 700ml), Octomore 11.3 (S$365/700ml) and Octomore 10 Year Old (S$325/700ml) may be purchased in Singapore at Paneco, AsherWBS and Simply Whisky.

With a range of different production methods and resulting flavours, the Octomore 11 series exemplifies the brand’s boundary-pushing ethos. From the very first distillation in 2003 to the debut of this 11th series, Octomore has been an organoleptic reward for risk takers. Describing their super-heavily peated single malt as “a late night ‘what-if?’ idea”, Octomore questions whisky conventions from peat levels to maturation time, with a focus on quality, not quantity. The resulting liquid defies traditional whisky wisdom; in theory, it’s too strong, too young, too heavily peated, but on the palate, layer upon layer of sophisticated single malt awaits.

Octomore 11.1

Exposing the structural brilliance of the pure, unadulterated Octomore super heavily peated spirit, the 11.1 edition is powerful, understated and vibrant. Underpinned with a delicate balance of smoke and sweet vanilla from the ex-American oak casks, this single malt has spent just five years in contact with fresh first-fill wood. The presence of peat on the palate is huge, and yet is incredibly balanced with clean fruit and floral notes.

Octomore 11.2

Distilled in the winter of 2014 from the 2013 harvest of 100% Scottish barley, two parcels of alluring spirit combine to create the Octomore 11.2, available as a distillery website exlusive. Parcel One makes up 25% of the final composition, matured full term in ex-European oak casks, hailing from the Pauillac region of France. The winemaker is known to blend Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot varieties, with casks imparting a strong influence on the final round and rich character of this 11.2 spirit. Parcel Two makes up 75% of the final composition, first filled into ex-American oak before being transferred into casks from the St Julien region of France. It matured in exquisite ex-Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques, known for their rich aromatic youthfulness, from May 2018 to January 2020 before being married with Parcel One for the final months of its life.

Octomore 11.3

Grown on Octomore farm, this Islay barley is raised by the distillery’s friend and farmer James Brown. It is harvested, malted and distilled separately, even from other Islay barley harvests, in order to become a single field, single vintage single malt. Situated just two miles from the distillery, this specific 2013 harvest was raised in Irene’s field, where only 28 acres were planted that year. Unlike its Scottish Mainland counterpart, this field is exposed to the climactic conditions and salt spray of wild Atlantic swells. The distinctive flavour and rarity of this barley is something truly special when combined with the clean ex-American whiskey cask maturation.

Octomore 10 Year Old

Sitting alongside its 11 Series counterparts, this 10 Year Old brings a subtler, more mature dimension to the otherwise youthful exuberance of the .1, .2 and .3 spirits in the 11s series. While head distiller Adam Hannett deliberately keeps the barley influence forward in the .1 and .3 editions, the .2 and 10-Year-Old editions introduce cask influence at varying ends of the Octomore age spectrum. While the malt for the Octomore 10-Year-Old is initially higher in PPM, the influence of those five extra years results in a calmer, deeper spirit. Seventy-seven casks in total have been combined to create this super heavily peated Islay single malt. The maturation profile is predominantly ex-American whiskey cask matured, both first and second fill, with hints of previous releases introducing an additional dimension of Virgin Oak maturation.

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