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Singaporean mum designs nursing wear to empower breastfeeding mothers

Clothing line sets nursing wear apart from maternity wear

Ester Voon,32, just launched the first concept store for Alexiz, a clothing brand that was born out of her need as a breastfeeding mother. The aim of Alexiz is to redefine nursing wear, and set it apart from baggy maternity wear.

“After giving birth, we may still be a little puffy but we are definitely not the same size as when we were pregnant. I felt that if we could look good, we would feel a little better about ourselves,” said Ester Voon, Founder, Alexiz.

As a working mother, Ester needed flattering workwear that could support her breastfeeding journey but this proved to be a problem. She realised the nursing function for clothes is often only built into maternity wear. The result is loose-fitting clothing.

“Having a child causes us to lose so much of ourselves. We no longer look or feel the same and we are expected to juggle a whole new set of duties. When I had to go back to work, I wanted to get back a bit of myself by dressing up and looking good,” added Ester.

Birth of Alexiz

This led Ester to invest $200,000 to start Alexiz, a clothing line named after her daughter who inspired the brand.

“We believe that Alexiz is more than just about clothing. Our role is to empower women to be confident in themselves even as they take on different roles in life. We aim to be a thoughtful clothing brand that meets the changing lifestyle needs of women in all shapes and sizes,” said Ester.

Ester works with an in-house designer and has since produced close to a hundred designs. The brand only produces limited quantities of each design. “We want to create pieces that make our customers feel unique and we don’t believe in fast fashion,” added Ester.

New concept store at Bugis

These designs will be available at their very first concept store in Bugis junction. Women who come by the store can get free styling advice and check out freshly launched designs in store.

Ester decided to launch the concept store to show women that nursing wear should be different from maternity wear, and let them experience the product. She strongly believes that women should not be limited to loose-fitting maternity clothing just because they are breastfeeding.

Shoppers can visit the store at the following address:

Alexiz, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #03-22A, 188021

You can also visit alexiz.sg to check out the collection.

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