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Singapore labour market is showing strong signs of recovery: INDEED SG

Singapore’s job market  recovery continued throughout February. Job postings exceeded pre-COVID levels in mid-October and have since surged during January and February, data from the world’s leading jobs site Indeed shows. By the end of February, the number of job listings in all categories and occupations  was up 19.2 percent from their level on February 1 last year, after adjusting for seasonal trends. 

The recovery is being led by STEM and medical fields, with postings more than tripling for scientific research and more than doubling for pharmacy, nursing and dental roles. Outside of these fields manufacturing, construction and warehousing are reporting strong demand for workers. 

The continued interruption of international travel has hampered the recovery in tourism and hospitality. Job postings in this area are still down 22 percent against their pre-crisis baseline. Other sectors, such as childcare, sports, legal and marketing also continue to struggle. 

“The  Singapore jobs recovery has strengthened during February, covering a broader range of occupations. Job postings for only a handful of occupations are below pre-COVID levels,” Indeed spokesperson, Callam Pickering, APAC Economist, said. 

“Long-term trends favouring scientific and technological skills have continued during the COVID recovery. These workers are in high demand. We are also seeing the lingering impact of COVID restrictions in hospitality and tourism, which continue to be hampered by a lack of international travel.” 

It would be interesting to see how the employment scene in the Lion City pans out by the end of 2021.

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