Star Wine List, the award-winning guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants, has today revelead the wine lover’s guide to Singapore. Local top sommelier Alvin Gho has curated the selection of 10 wine restaurants and wine bars.

“Most people with whom I’ve spoken to about the idea of getting a wine list/program focused dining guide all thought it was a great idea. Oftentimes there are indeed people who would like to decide where to eat based on what they are able to drink first. This in my opinion would be getting priorities right and definitely the way I’d love to dine!” says Alvin Gho, Star Wine List’s ambassador to Singapore.

Alvin Gho is the co-founder of wine bar RVLT (short for Revolution) and has won Best Sommelier of Singapore twice.

“We are extremely excited to get started in Singapore with Alvin Gho. Singapore is of course one of the great gastronomic destinations of Asia and we can’t wait to go back and discover these wine places ourselves,” says Krister Bengtsson, founder and publisher of Star Wine List.

Check out the Star Wine List Singapore selection on or on the app. For the Singapore launch, Star Wine List is supported by Launch Partner Vintec.

Star Wine List,, is the wine lovers guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants. It was started in Stockholm in 2017 and is now live in more than 25 countries with wine guides to international cities, like London, Paris and New York. All venues are selected by top wine professionals.

For many of the restaurants and bars, you will find their updated wine lists on


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