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Toss to good fortune with Picanhas’ this Lunar New Year

The Year of the Ox brings with it a strong, reliable, fair, and inspiring season. This Lunar New year, celebrate new beginnings and strengthen bonds with your loved ones over a memorable feast at Picanhas’.

No Chinese New Year feast is complete without the traditional ​Yusheng, b​ ut this time, with a Picanhas’ touch. Make the call for good fortune with the grill maestro’s reinterpretation of the Prosperity Toss.

Called the ​Gyusheng,​ the mouthwatering and visual treat comes with Picanhas’ signature Queen of Steak — 50g on a side dish (SG$9; best for two diners) or 400g on the communal spread ($88 includes free delivery; best for four people).

Both the ​Gyusheng side dish and communal spread ​comes with ​orange​ slices symbolizing abundance and happiness; ​pomelos​ for good luck; and ​grapes ​for prosperity.

Picanhas’- a dining experience celebrating the eponymous steak from
Brazil, arrived on Club Street in SG in December last year

The mix also includes ​pineapples​ representing friendship and hospitality in line with Picanhas’ slogan: “Steaks for the people”. All peppered with ​cashew nuts ​acting as gold ingots from ancient China and glazed with ​smoked chrysanthemum butter representing the constant flow of wealth.

The Picanhas’ ​Gyusheng​ communal spread is available for free islandwide delivery from 22nd January. To order, drop a direct message through their Facebook​ or ​Instagram​ page. The ​Gyusheng ​side dish will be available for diners from 2 February. Both offers end on 29th February 2021 and while stocks last.

For more information, go to picanhassg.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @picanhassg.

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