Stay Safe with City Square Mall – Increased Implementation of Safe Management Measures

This weekend, give yourself a worry-free break at City Square Mall with increased safety management measures

With the reopening of malls and retail outlets in Phase 2, it’s business as usual at City Square Mall! The long-awaited time to feast and shop is upon us. Indulge in retail therapy and shop at some of your favourite stores or enjoy a scrumptious dine-in meal with your family and friends.

As the health and well-being of shoppers and tenants continue to be City Square Mall’s top priority, the mall has implemented new and improved safety management measures. This includes incorporating new innovative technologies in addition to the existing safe distancing and contact tracing efforts.

Newly implemented measures to ensure maximum safety

  • Newly launched Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robots which effectively disinfects large surface area from germs, bacteria and viruses after operating hours
  • PhotoPlasma Air Disinfection System in passenger lift carriages to disinfect the air and surfaces, eliminating airborne and surface microorganisms
  • Disinfectant Floor Mats placed at the entrance of the mall
  • Anti-microbial Disinfectant Coatings on lift buttons and lift handrails

In addition, City Square Mall continues to stay nimble, flexible and innovative in adjusting its mall operations in line with changing safety measures. 

So, this weekend, put on your masks, pack your sanitizers and head over to City Square mall to give yourself and your family (up to 5 members per group) a well-deserved break!

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