Independence Day, Sweet!

Indians in India or outside love celebrating Independence Day in their own unique ways. Since my amazing readers are showing so much love to the Celebrate Freedom With Art SeriesI decided to go a little extra mile for my peeps, so here’s a sweet surprise. I got in touch with Chef Pankaj Singh who is currently stationed at the Grand Hyatt Dubai and asked him if they were doing something special for the 72nd Independence Day of India. He was gracious enough to share some inside pictures of awesome tricolor-themed dessert prepared specially for the occasion:


Chef Singh tells me that the green part in the drink is pistachio panna cottaa, while yoghurt panna cotta adds the white element. For saffron, orange panna cotta has been used. Where as the cake has delectable mixed flavors of pistachio coconut and mandarin parfait.

I hope you like this dash of flavor in the spirit of Independence Day! To see more appetizing dishes by Chef Pankaj, follow him here.


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