Other World

Sometimes I go through my day
Functioning on autopilot.
I speak when I’m spoken to
I respond with a nod or a smile
Just enough to not seem absent.
I’m sorry if I zoned out
Sometimes it’s impossible
To get out of my world.
Everything is perfect there
Unlike the real one, here.
Books float and people are few.
There’s music for everything I feel.
In this world, I write novels
In this world, I don’t miss him
Because he’s by my side
Under the moonlight.
And he plays a classical piece
As I stand on the marble floor
Drinking my whiskey out of the bottle
Wearing a hoodie and jeans.
I’m not fancy.
What did you expect?
A shiny dress and a glass of wine?
I’m not like that every day.
I’m here in this real world
Body without soul,
While my essence exists
Beyond this realm,
On the other side
Of this dimension
I’m forced to live in.

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