‘The Love That Didn’t Last’ by Arunima

Two steps ahead
Then I fall back four.
I get distracted often,
But for how long?

They’re not you.

I look for you
In the eyes of other men
Hoping to see someone
Playing the piano
By the moonlight
Better than you did.

I’m told it’s wrong,
I’m told to move on
Yet here I am
Listening to ‘The Moody Blues’
Like you wanted me to
Four years ago.

And I hate time
Because our’s is up –
No warning,
No goodbyes
Just like that,
One day I wasn’t

I know this needs to stop.
You couldn’t love me whole
Back then.
How could I expect you
To love me now?

And probably, it’s an illusion
Stuck inside my head.
Of rains I hated
And beer bottles
In a park.

First dates
First love –
But you couldn’t
Make it last
Long enough.

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