“Uncle Aunty” – A Movie Review

Seven Minutes Well Spent

“Uncle Aunty” is a dramatic 7-minute experimental comedy that makes you pause scrolling through the pages of social media to think about actual life. This award-winning narrative by filmmaker Pankul Gupta is worth watching and sharing for all relevant reasons. It revolves around Aunty’s (RICHA KAPOOR) obsession to social media and Uncle’s (VIJAY KALIA) old age struggles.


For me the winners in the film were Gupta’s sincere characters eloquently depicted by both actors. Generally, the youth is shown to be hooked to the digital world. Here, Gupta has taken up a completely ignored section of the society in this context, which believe it or not, is actually equally smitten by the dotcom revolution. Additionally, the vintage black and white effect was more like a reverse interpretation emphasizing on the crux of the story loud and clear.

The film opens with Uncle struggling to find a slippery soap in the shower while fighting shivers of common cold and Aunty gossiping away with her friend on Facebook. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Aunty collapses. But why? Watch the film to find out. 

About Pankul Gupta


Pankul is a Delhi-based filmmaker. He made his first short film in 2010. He has worked as AD and script supervisor for various production houses in Mumbai. He has also worked for the International Film Festival of India (IFFI – 2014) as a film programmer in the foreign section under the tenure of Festival Director Mr. Shankar Mohan. “Uncle Aunty” is his 3rd short film.

In my personal opinion, I think Pankul Gupta has incredible potential as a filmmaker and storyteller. He seems to have a unique flair of storytelling and I cannot wait to watch more of his work.

Meanwhile, enjoy the film here.



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