When I Met YouTube Sensation Hirzi Zulkiflie, He Told Me His Success Secret

I have been associated with panel discussions and lectures about creative writing, theatre, YouTubing and film-making in many ways – as an audience, a volunteer, a moderator, panelist and even speaker.

From India to Singapore, I have met experts and heard them talk on various issues during these orchestrated events. Mostly, I am left disappointed with the content, which is mostly the polished version. Of course, I get to learn about new perspectives of different people, but no one talks about the pulp – the real challenges and how to overcome them. To be frank, how to make money out of being a social media influencer.

Some time back I met with Hirzi Zulkiflie during one such event. And the one-hour session with this popular YouTuber was worth it. This young social media sensation whose videos have been loved for the past ten years not only in Singapore but internationally, had an open conversation on how to actually make it big on social media. 

Hirzi shared that talking about issues that really mattered and are current is extremely crucial to make yourself relevant online. He said that the term “overnight” is a faux pass in most cases. Consistency and being active are the only two basic keys. One day one video may go ballistically viral but for that to happen you have to post them regularly and garner a good number of subscribers.

I asked him if it hurt when he got a bad comment on a video and his reply amazed me.

“Feeling hurt is a personality trait, not applicable to all. I don’t feel hurt at such things, I feel challenged and work even harder to let my work speak for itself.

The kind of energy and passion that this man brings to  the table might alone be more than enough for success. However, he did give some crucial ideas too!Here is a jist for all you bloggers and YouTubers out there-

  • Seek out followers -You follow people and they follow back. Its simple.
  • Engage with your audience – Reply back on comments, do Live videos etc
  • Be active everywhere – WordPress, YouTube, Tumbler. Instagram, Twitter – but make sure to figure out what your key areas are. 
  • Of Course Adsense and GoogleAds will help you monetize but don’t just rely on them. Tag brands, seek them out and let them know that you exist!

Well, I definitely learnt a lot from Hirzi and I am sure these tips will help you out too! Will be coming back soon, with a new story…Till then keep reading and take care!


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