An Artist, Entrepreneur and Mum of Three – Ruth Tan Inspires Me to Be More

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When I decided to start a special segment dedicated to Singapore, it was not an impulse. I have been living here only since October last year. But, in this short span, I have met some incredible people who have inspired me to push my limits and do better in life. One such amazing woman is Ruth Tan.


She is an established calligraphy artist, an entrepreneur and a mother of a teen, tween and toddler. She juggles between work and personal life beautifully and gives out a strong message to all the women of the world-

“Do what you love with no regrets.”

Workshops at The Workroom

When I told Ms Tan that I wanted to meet her, she kindly extended me a place in her workshop on ‘Modern Calligraphy’ in their studio located in Canal Road. I enjoyed attending those three hours to every bit.  We were provided with ink, nibs, sheets and pen holder. I learnt how to write specific letters, then graduated to words and by  the end of the session, attempted to write cards. 


Anyone who is interested in penmanship or wants to take a break and indulge in something creative, I strongly recommend they take a class with Ms Tan. They conduct workshops almost every Saturday. 

Destroying The Notion That After Kids A Woman’s Career is Done

Actually, Ms Tan was into arts and crafts since childhood. However, she never imagined having a career out of this hobby. She was working at a regular office and only after having kids, she decided to quit and start something of her own. Yes, its true! It all began when in 2008, she started an online gift shop called “The Little Happy Shop” where she used to sell her handicrafts. 


Ms Tan’s art gained popularity in no time and she soon had her own shop in The Holland village. She started giving art classes during weekends and in no time, it became a rage! She thoroughly enjoys conducting workshops; she says that it feels like she is keeping the art alive.

Eventually, The Workroom was established in 2013.


Professional Training, Team of Experts and Working With Brands

Ms Tan has learnt calligraphy from expert penmen, including Maybelle Imasa (modern calligrapher) and Eleanor Winters (copper plate calligrapher). Today, she has a team of 13 well-taught artists who work with her on projects, workshops, seminars and events.


She does extensive commissioned work for individual clients and has also worked with a host of luxury brands. Her posh clientele has the likes of Christian Dior,  FENDI, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker, Gocco, Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany&Co, Google, BMW and Piaget to name a few.

Monogram Embroidery for Chloe

Give Your Wedding a ‘Ruth Tan Twist’

Trust me, if you want to make your special day, even more special, you want the ‘Romance Planist’ to work on it (and this is not a paid ad, this is an honest recommendation.) The Workroom’s wedding commissions have been so successful that they have branched an altogether separate segment to cater to your wedding needs – The Romance Planist. From invitations, to menu and table cards to aisle runners – they do it all.

The Aisle Runner at Mediacorp artiste Jean Danker’s Wedding as Done by Ruth Tan

For inquiries on weddings, write to them at


Apart from being an awesome artist and a doting mother, Ms Tan is also a gem of a person. I remember when we met, we went on talking for so long. I could connect with her on a different level. Unlike most people, she was interested in my stories as much as I was in hers. I asked her to share one little secret with me, as a treat to make this account exclusive than other interviews that you may read about her elsewhere.

And you what, she actually did! She told me that the general notion about her is that she is an outgoing extrovert person, you know, since her job is so people-oriented. Conducting classes, meeting with clients, doing press – all this involves traits of an an extrovert. She explains that-

“A lot of people don’t know this but you know what, I like to have my #netflixnchill time when I am not working. I am a very shy person and a serious introvert.”

She finishes the interview with a strong message for all women –

“Take out pockets of time for yourself and your passion. Pursue you dreams. That will make you a better person and even a better wife/mother. When you have limited time for family, you tend to value them more. So, stop limiting yourself.”


Know more about The Workroom at

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2 thoughts on “An Artist, Entrepreneur and Mum of Three – Ruth Tan Inspires Me to Be More

  1. Very inspiring story of Great Mrs.Tan. Read twice .Hats off to her. She is doing so many things at a time. I personally respect nd love such women who r fulfilling their dreams with their personal life.
    And want to thank nd congratulate u for narrating her story so well.
    Love ur way of writing nd thought process.
    God bless u mere bachcha.
    Keep on writing such good things.

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