Bali 104 – The Last Chapter, For Now

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Today is my last day here and I cannot wait to see what more this place has in store. Though, something tells me that I will be back. I am not done with Bali – not so soon.

Beach Hopping

First things first, we wake up early and walk down to Kuta Beach (#traveltip – Kuta Beach is at walking distance from Taxa Uma hotel). We arrive quite early so the beach is almost secluded. It looks like the land here is a vast grey carpet of sand with a wavy pattern all over.


As I look closely, I see hundreds of small holes in the sand and tiny crab babies dancing their way into those holes. Waves here are comparatively calm. We take some leisurely strolls, sit for a while and then head back to the hotel to get ready for the day.

We pack our bags and check out of the hotel (#traveltip – and another day’s rent saved; read previous Bali blog to understand ref.) Before embarking on the adventures of our last day here, we relish on some amazing breakfast in a cafe right on the corner of the street. The food is yum.


We have a 10 pm flight back to Singapore so we have until 7 to reach the airport. We have the entire day in Kuta and we decide to indulge in some more water sports. Andy takes us to Ciwa Sempurna Dive & Water Sports center in Denpasar and with his help, we bargain our way to a good deal. We get ourselves a package of Parasailing and glass bottom boating.


This is yet another major bucket-list item and I couldn’t be more excited. (#traveltip –  Girls, wear pants.) There are two options for parasailing here in Kuta – 1. You go solo. 2. You go with your partner. Obviously, we choose the latter. We keep all our belongings (#traveltip – ditch shades and footwear for this one) in the locker provided before getting started.

All four of us along with three more couples are seated in a boat. As we sail, I look around and I am in awe. Can I ever get enough of the sea? I guess not. 

We are in the middle of the sea and waves here are the opposite of calm. We are transferred to a sturdier special parasailing boat. There are three guides to assist couples in the adventure. The boat has a groovy music system and Ed Sheran’s Shape of You is playing at full bass. The ambiance on this boat is exciting. As I sit and watch other couples going up in the air, waiting for our turn, I start getting butterflies in my stomach.

Finally our turn comes and we are belted to the rope, which is  attached to the chute. As they release us upwards, my heart is pounding and I can feel every cell of my body.

I look down and I am suddenly way too aware of my height. To calm ourselves down, we decide to not look down and just look at each other while floating like wingless birds in the sky. Wow! The feeling, this moment – it is so dramatically beautiful. A few moments pass and we decide to look around together.

The view blows my mind. It is spectacular. Watching aerial shots of Bali on google is nothing compared to devouring this glorious view in reality. (#traveltip – parasailing – must do.) The crystal-like blue of the sea and the clear white sky, meeting somewhere at the distant horizon; big boats appearing as tiny boxes and people almost like ants – this view is something that will stay with me for a long time. 


Suddenly I hear a creek and the butterflies in my stomach turn into big red falcons. Soon after, I realize that we are descending now. (#traveltip – the belt creeks a little during the decent, do not panic) We land on the boat smoothly and pace our exhilarated selves back on the seats.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride and The Turtle Island

It is now time for glass bottom boat tour. We collect our things from the locker and start the trip. This is a two-way tour from Denpasar to Turtle island and back. We are sitting in a boat that has the central portion of its floor made of glass. We nibble on Pringles waiting for the watching spot to arrive. After sailing for some time, the captain parks the boat and starts throwing food in the sea. In no time, we see a swarm of fishes right under the boat swimming happily as they feed. It is fun to watch.

Now, I know I have been all praises about the places and activities I have spoken about so far but this one might be an exception. I am not saying the glass bottom boat ride is not good but I guess after indulging in activities like snorkeling and parasailing, this seems a little ordinary. In less than 30 minutes, we arrive at The Turtle Island. We meet with some turtles, birds and other animals – have a drink and tour back to Denpasar.


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Uluwatu Temple – The Best Way To Bid Bye to Bali

We are back in the car and headed to the last place in our itinerary – Uluwatu Temple. This reverted shrine is one of the six holiest places in Bali, Andy (our guide) tells us. This sacred edifice is built on a 70 meter high cliff projected towards the sea. They  say it is one of the masts of Goddess Danu’s ship (barque).

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It takes us almost an hour to reach Uluwatu. We enjoy some snacks at one of the food stalls outside, rest for a bit and then start. Boys are given Balinese lungis and we girls are asked to wrap saffron belts (#traveltip – try to wear full length clothes).

The climb up is not an easy one. The sun is scorching and there is no sign of any protective veil of clouds. However, the place is extremely green and frequent shade spots are saviors.  (#traveltip – carry water bottles) We reach the top of the cliff after around 30 minutes of climbing. Entrance inside the main temple is not allowed but we get to  explore the premises. Rugged black stones with intricate carvings and sacred symbols add to the quaint beauty of the shrine. We take a minute to relax and start walking on the other side of the temple.

As we move further down, the view from each angle is out of this world. How does someone imagine a setting like this to build temples? Did Gods and Goddesses descend on earth themselves to paint the masterpiece that we know as Bali?

Fluorescent beams of sunlight coming down straight on the sea and reflecting back to the sky while the temple perches quietly in all glory on the edge of a high cliff – this is unreal, divine. I feel overwhelmed, ecstatic. 


As we climb down, we stop almost after every couple of seconds to capture this perfection of a place from every angle. This location is poetry personified.



Andy takes us to an awesome Indian place for Lunch. Later, we buy some souvenirs and gifts and bid goodbye to Andy as he drops us off.


We are at the airport, in the lounge. The past four days have been like a dream. It is unbelievable. Indeed, travelling is the richest experience in life. I cannot wait for the next trip to begin and new set of memories to be created. I am thankful to the people of Bali for being so gracious and welcoming; I am grateful to Bali for being what it is – a masterstroke of nature.

Until next time… Read, Travel, Repeat 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bali 104 – The Last Chapter, For Now

  1. I hope ur story inspire the readers to pack up everything and head out into the unknown,explore the Bali and to see the Bali for what it really is.
    So nicely written .I visited nd enjoyed a lot the Bali with u through ur narration.
    Congrats for this keep on writing .God bless u beta.

  2. All pumped up and ready to go to Bali after reading your beautiful journey. Amazingly explained and what spectacular clicks.

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