Let Another Eon Pass By…


Let another eon pass by

I am not ready to make a try

For myself or my life

I’ve become accustomed to this wry

He mauled my heart with cavalier

Our relationship was a failure

May be I was not good enough

I could not detect the ongoing bluff

He slaughtered my heart and went away

He tattered my dreams in such a way

My soul shivers even today

He abandoned me, he betrayed

My love, my being, my existence.

I think I have lost the tolerance

I can’t let go, I can’t move on

I am lost astray since an eon

Let another eon pass by

Tears have fogged the sight of eyes

The wound is new, life is dismal

There is no hue, I feel abysmal

Let another eon pass by

It’s hard to live, it’s harder to die

Let another eon pass by


About Surabhi Pandey 292 Articles
A former TV Presenter at Doordarshan Delhi​, Surabhi is the author of 'Nascent Wings' and 'Saturated Agitation'. She is a freelance journalist focused on Lifestyle and Social commentaries. She has been writing in this space for six years. Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Times of India, YP SG, Lifestyle Collective, Youth Ki Awaaz and Re:ad Poetry among others. She also writes Tech articles that have appeared on Tech Collective, Kr Asia, SBO.SG, SYNC PR, Entrepreneur and e27. She is the founder of The Vent Machine.


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