Let Another Eon Pass By…


Let another eon pass by

I am not ready to make a try

For myself or my life

I’ve become accustomed to this wry

He mauled my heart with cavalier

Our relationship was a failure

May be I was not good enough

I could not detect the ongoing bluff

He slaughtered my heart and went away

He tattered my dreams in such a way

My soul shivers even today

He abandoned me, he betrayed

My love, my being, my existence.

I think I have lost the tolerance

I can’t let go, I can’t move on

I am lost astray since an eon

Let another eon pass by

Tears have fogged the sight of eyes

The wound is new, life is dismal

There is no hue, I feel abysmal

Let another eon pass by

It’s hard to live, it’s harder to die

Let another eon pass by



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