To Please or Not to Please

The Society Runs on a Set of Laid Rules

The question here is that won’t I be a fool?

If I followed those laws blindly in life

Irrespective of the fact that I might totally deny

to agree with some of those conventions and norms

in this dilemma, I have been torn

Since i was a child young and naive

I wanted to live on my rules, after all its my life!

Being nice to others, is what we are taught

then how in the world, can this war be fought?

either be happy or live as per others

not possible to have them both together

They talk, they gossip, they bitch and mistreat

they judge, they blabber, they barely agree

What is more important, I hereby ask

To be self content or follow the task

of pleasing people by hurting yourself

Ah! I’d rather be all by myself…

Agree, Disagree, Love or Hate

Its My Life, My Rules and My Freakin Fate

Let me be or don’t let me be

I was. I am. And I will always be ME.


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